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  1. I found if I open the topic and go to the last page I can read. But if I click on the last post of a topic on the right side I get this error sorry if this has already been discussed.
  2. Siouxsports.com driver error ?
  3. I cannot open the forums from work or at home. It says server error?
  4. nls


    i thought the same thing, my plan was to have a #23 put on mine.
  5. University of North Dakota "Tradition" what if the REA owned the logo as a trade mark logo for the building and the sioux shop could sell logo merchindise around the world for profit. we as fans of the building our hockey team plays at would buy it and wear it like we do today. Interlocking ND like i have seen here for the sweaters and North Dakota above that, also the word tradition. that could be a name could it not. we do have one of the best ever!! REA home of the University of North Dakota Tradition. Lets play old time Tradition hockey. Its hard to believe this is happening, and i still feel in some way it could work out for the Fighting Sioux, but if not i do not want some cheesy name piked by who knows to be the new face of sioux athletics. NORTH DAKOTA TRADITION HOCKEY!!
  6. nls

    intro music

    does anybody know what song it is they play right before the sioux come out before a home game.
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