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  1. Thank you, all the NoDak guys I have met at tourneys over the years have been terrific.
  2. And we were 16th before the ASU losses, so things are still very fluid.
  3. One thing about that -- about three quarters of the team were playing sick. I think it was an anomaly and this was much more indicative of our strength. We actually are a top 10 team. :-) You guys will be fine -- there is so much talent and you didn't get puck luck either night. Good luck in the NC$$s until maybe we meet again! I've always really loved watching NoDak hockey, and this is a great thrill for us.
  4. Well, that was a great series. NoDak must've outshot us 60-40 but I'll take the 2 wins. Good luck this season to you guys, and we will see you in Ithaca in a year.
  5. 3 more minutes to play Million Ants. Can't let up now.
  6. Thanks for the compliment. We are fortunate our new players fit in well, I was expecting some chaos this season early but it never happened. I've followed NoDak since the Hrkac Circus (I'm old). Always a pleasure to watch them play.
  7. Good first period; Shane's stop on the penalty shot was the key. Our "bend don't break" (NCHC.tv announcer's description) seems to be holding the dam. NoDak has such high skill players I would like to see us getting more pressure or at least being a little calmer on transition, but so far this is The Plan. Really good series; I will love seeing these teams play at Lynah next year (Plague permitting). At least we are playing with confidence. If we can get into the NC$$, that will really help our 14 underclassmen. But I wouldn't be at all surprised to see NoDak lay a 4-spot on the board next period.
  8. Trash talk is for the game itself and always meant in fun. In the Real World we're all brothers and fans of the best sport in the world. And we both hate the Gophers.
  9. Cornell fan here. We actually are a decent squad and not a walk-over the way some seem to have expected. ASU was an anomaly. However, NoDak outplayed us for much of last night. When we were able to penetrate the D despite NoDak being up 3-1, that surprised me. I don't think Driscoll was entirely to blame for the comeback. Also: if you guys who "don't think he's all that he's cracked up to be" don't want Sanderson, we'll take him. He was making plays on and off the puck all night that showed his quality. Fabulous talent. Good luck the rest of the way (except tonight). I regret we didn't have the chance to meet in 2020 when we were 1 and 2.
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