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  1. Wow. Idk what the situation is but it must be serious. It will be interesting to see how the team responds against NDSU Saturday.
  2. UND doesn’t have the players to make a conference run, no doubt there. I think it’s both players, the way players are used and coaching, but I do think everything starts with coaching. The team should be getting better by now, USD was the worst I’ve ever seen that team play. I’m sure it’s my own bias about what a coach should be, but IMO good coaches don’t make excuses they take responsibility, they build a team. They make great players better, not worse. These girls have no confidence, and it looks to continue to get worse, that’s on him.
  3. At this level should injuries be used as excuses? Every school in the summit league is in the exact same situation with back to back seasons….. For the USD game the only player not to dress was Chwialkowski.
  4. I would take it one step further from not performing and say he has made them worse from start of season to now. I question the environment and why they play so tensely. You can really sense it at a home game. I also question his decision making at outside hitter, defensive specialist and setter based on the games I’ve watched and stats. (Going off last nights lineup) I think he has better options than what he ran. To be fair, I don’t know off court issues, I’m not in practice nor have I watched every game. I’m not a college coach, but I’m also not a novice. Based on what I’ve seen over the last several years with players still there, and stats he has better athletes available. IMO in two positions he has significantly better athletes available. Hilariously if I could play coach for a day I would choose a very similar lineup to what he won his only game with…. Fire him, put Erin Green in charge until they hire a new coach. She knows what a winning team looks like.
  5. Lost to USD in brutal fashion. 3 sets 25-14, 25-13,25-17 last two sets USD subbed out some of the starters after getting a bit into the match and UND still hit negative. There was no offensive attack whatsoever. USD gave them 10 points off of service errors alone. This is coaching. UND has gone from running a middle down people throats to not knowing how to set a middle. Passing has been bad, but not that level of bad. Arhens has been one of the best hitters in conference, now a non factor. UND still doesn’t have an outside that can terminate,( what in the world happened to Hedqvist—she was on fire end of last season not even in the lineup) but at least they use to be able to run a middle. There is soooooo much more. I made the mistake of diving into a stat sheet. Time to cut ties with Tiffin, right now. why wait? Let the assistants run it while UND searches for a head coach ASAP!
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