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  1. I don’t know about different investigations within the university, but I find it interesting. The letter Vetter requested was thru UND and the person quoted (Dodds) was a spokes person for UND, and thenTiffin also represents UND so none of those are the police all just the university. Curious suggestion. I would have no knowledge of this. The only things I found on social media were about transfers, one fb player posted about the transfer portal in February before the incidents occurred and one 2 months after. But there is zero online from UND that I can find about anyone being dismi
  2. What I don’t understand is how the situation can be investigated by UND athletics according to Tiffins press release (included in post) but then not investigated according to the quote by Dodds in the paper? (Also included in post. Dodds says “there was no complaint filed by Ms Vetter, therefore the university did not investigate” this is in regards to the snapchat photo in which a compliance person allegedly told Vetter the phone was a football players. So my main question for discussion is how was it investigated by UND athletics in the Tiffin Statement and then not investigated b
  3. I 100% agree with you! I’m trying to be as fair as possible, even though I believe parts of the girls claims are a lie.
  4. I have a feeling it could cost the vb coach and maybe AD because in their joint statement they say the situation was investigated by the coach and athletic department but in the article Dodd from the university is quoted as saying that there was never a complaint by Vetter so the situation Involving the snapchats was never investigated. Idk, did they just investigate to a point, discipline and drop it never bringing it to a formal investigation by the university and just keeping it hush among themselves? No clue on this one! It should have been investigated more....sorta hope it still wi
  5. And legally actionable criminally and civilly if it could be proven as to where it came from. If one of those girls were mine and I thought they were defamed I would have already hired a private investigator, and been at the police department with what I found. You can have text messages between people subpoenaed....so many ways this could be handled and put to rest. Not that I’m saying the girls have to prove anything, but if it is all a fabrication (and I don’t believe it is) that’s a battle I would fight with a lot more info than what we currently have.
  6. I don’t read the entirety of the girls statements the way you are, but you’re entitled to your opinion. I would never take the opinion of the reporter over the written word of the girls. I’ve also watched the video a few times, there is no voiceover....never happened, imo. The part of the video edited Imo is the length. Amplifying in their eyes the Nword because they did not include the other words to the song.
  7. So your way of dealing with the situation is to make a racially snide comment? Say that then, You disagree because I think you’re jumping to conclusions, and leave the noose out of the Betty! That kind of talk gets us nowhere. How do you know this person is jumping to conclusions? They are entitled to their opinion as much as anyone else. How do you know they did not do their own research? There is evidence of what happened, I’m not rehashing it...my posts state why I feel the way I do, and like this poster I’m entitled to my opinion. I don’t approve of the way you responded to this, also enti
  8. Your comment is vomit inducing and that is as kind as I will be about it.
  9. I am not for ruining lives, I know you know that. But I am for accountability, I think having one girl claim the video was falsified with a voice over and one owning it as having happened AND BEING ADMITTED TO THE UNIVERSITY is a big deal. It goes to integrity and I won’t take someone at their word if they lie right out of the gate, and I didn’t get past the first paragraph without thinking it is a lie or misrepresentation...and twice. My opinion. As for the snapchat......I barely use snapchat and knew right away what I was looking at, it would be hard to use Snapchat and not understand t
  10. One of the other things that sets off my BS o’meter is the screenshot, why is never having had an ATT account even mentioned in Vetters statement? The screenshot does show a pic of an att account, but the cellular provider account is of the person receiving the message, which is why it has “Me” below and the name crossed out of the receiver. The pic is of the receivers phone, it would in no way indicate any culpability if that was a football players phone or not because the message was sent to that phone and not from it. So of course it can’t be Vetter’s phone in the pic or her cellular provid
  11. My point is that it looks like someone is lying, so I’m going to withhold my opinion on what UND has or hasn’t done. You can clear your name without lying, and I’m not sure why Nieukirk would say she did something if she did not do it and to go the extent of saying they admitted it to the university is fairly detailed. I’m not even touching the right or wrong part of the video again. But I am saying it is my opinion that someone lied in her statement so it’s hard for me to believe much past the first paragraph, where I believe the lying started. All just my opinion!
  12. Idk, I’m going to wait a bit before being too upset with UND there are some interesting discrepancies imo. Why did The girls contradict each other in their statements? Nieukirk “regrettably we sang the song including the inappropriate lyrics as written, and forwarded to a single friend” Nieukirk goes into further detail, then says “an investigation was conducted by the university and we admitted that singing those lyrics and using that word was inappropriate” Vetter “there were fake twitter accounts tweeting a video of a teammate and I that was edited and cropped, with a voice
  13. At least I’m hoping since they posted the schedule that means they will play!!
  14. For sure that too (we also lost a setter) , And even passing, if they have to move the libero they had at the end of the season back to hitting outside we have another hole. I think I feel good about the middles? But I’m very curious to see what they will address first and what a potential lineup could look like. I’m excited to see them play.
  15. I really hope it will be a step in the right direction!! I would say we were in need of pin hitters last season, and only lost more girls in that position, so I’m a little nervous. I’m hoping a redshirt can step into that role, or maybe we can switch a middle to the right to replace bruggeman. We have to have an outside that can be consistent, and athletic enough to adjust to the ball and swing. The loss of Nieukirk hurts she was our best outside.
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