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  1. DAE is in the record books at this school and reports new schools reaching out to him daily via his twitter. Don’t see a school on there he can’t play at personally
  2. He broke the freshman savoring record. Assuming he was hurt this year like I’ve read everywhere, he was pretty impressive.
  3. Just shows we let one of the only guys go who was at or above this level I wish the best to DAE.
  4. We lost one of the best players I’ve seen come to the school it’s time to start questioning sather if you ask me...
  5. Any thoughts on these predictions I came across on twitter?
  6. Everyone has their reasons...but moody was a kid with three years of eligibility to go who averaged 10 as a frosh. No brainer Someone we would like to have back. I wish him the best though.
  7. Name someone else who you know is a sure fire thing to put the ball in the basket on this team on our current roster then please.
  8. I think we all forget moody was a double figure guy as a freshman...I get defense or whatever but Dae averaged about 14 and so did Rebrača. We couldn’t have used more scoring-shooting? We easily could have. I don’t think you guys are looking at this for what it is, we will miss Aanen. I felt like we missed him last year as well
  9. I was going the the season stats
  10. DAE averaged 14 and 5 as a frosh...Hooker averaged 4 as a frosh and 12 as a sophomore. I say we just see how the kid develops whether we like it or not he had one of the best freshman years in the schools history, and forsure the best one in the d-1 era
  11. Yes DAE had his struggles...but he broke the freshman scoring record last night. I think he carried his load this year. I do think he can be a lot better though
  12. DAE averages 14 and 5 as a frosh in the d-1 era... I don’t know what the problem is here. Should work on his three though!
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