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  1. Let’s just be happy for the kids that are moving on!
  2. Agreed think they are picked to win the southland though. Best of luck to him.
  3. Contrary to popular belief there are still plenty of mid majors keeping players. We need to change the culture here and we will start building.
  4. Transfers are getting a lot in the portal. Have you guys been seeing this?
  5. Just committed to Iowa state!
  6. Is this 7 or 8 now? I can’t keep track.
  7. Welcome to the official rebuild. Hope we can turn this thing around. Last week has been very ugly.
  8. best player gone...it’s gonna get ugly before it gets pretty again. But that’s okay! As long as we move forward in the future. I wouldn’t expect too much out of next year.
  9. Why do you think the players are the problem? I feel like it could go either way? I do feel like some of them could be problems I do feel like the coach could be the problem we will never really know though. One thing we do know is that this has been one tough week. And before that a very average (or less than average) year. We must ask why? Right?
  10. No problem! I don’t even know the guy. Just casually observing and commenting on a program and a coach and what I see. I see everyone so quick to turn on the players but virtually no one saying anything about the leadership. Although the players very well could be a problem too. I’m more playing devils advocate and putting ideas out there.
  11. I fear there will be more in the upcoming days but we will see. Anymore starters though and I think all eyes go to Sather. I’m beginning to doubt he will be here longer than his first contract.
  12. Looks like to me from the tweet and the players leaving there is a problem up too somewhere
  13. You are a smart man! Und has plenty to offer. We never had this many transfers before this.
  14. Ramsey, DAE, Tyree, Sims. 1 year. This is a problem bottom line. 3 of those kids are his kids. Don’t think it’s over either.
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