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  1. Hey UND sports lovers! My name is Kaylee and I was a captain of UND soccer for 4 years out of my 5 and just underwent my last season with Chris Logan this past fall. I hardly played as a 5th year senior captain and STILL stand behind chris as a phenomenal head coach. He has significantly helped take this program from a losing record to making it to the conference tournament for the first time in program HISTORY. He has always made it clear that he cares about us as people before players in both his actions and words. As a student-athlete I always understood that my play time and scholarship had to be earned each year and even if you put in full effort someone straight up might be more talented than you. There’s so much more to this story and the danger in media is that you can write whatever you want. ultimately, Chris isn’t the problem. I truly hope that whoever is hurting can find some peace.
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