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  1. Finally found out the truth about the McKinney situation.
  2. What am l doing help me out great doctor.
  3. Sorry if l pushed a button didn't mean too. But what does going to CWU have to do with C.J not being on a School poster for his accomplishments. Just saying. I will not disrespect you like you did me. I hope CJ is aware that there are a few who recognize him and knows he is the real deal.
  4. What does that have to do with C.J. l am just making an observation. Evan , Luke, Brock, Jaxon, Jordan on on posters. He has All-American behind his name and not a one. Just saying sorry if l offended you guys..
  5. He led the db group in all stats. And a All American. I don't see him on any of the media posters for the program.
  6. Thanks for the confirmation. Now l can respond how l want too thanks.
  7. If it has nothing to do with Otis then l guess the response was intended for me then.
  8. All that is fine. But what does being dinged up and can't catch have to do with Otis. Otis hasn't played a snap since 2018 he is not dinged up l saw him catch the ball. So what does being dinged up have to do with Otis the Student Athlete. Again they pointed out the kids flaw l didn't. I just commented on how we looked if he isn't there 2021.
  9. What does not being able to catch have to do with if Otis isn't able to play in 2021. You guys pointed out his flaw in the class room l didn't. I just took a look at the rb position. And the pickings or slim. Without Otis it's going to be challenging. Hopefully the Student comes on strong soon so the Athlete can play. Rb room again Suspect. Dalton and Luke.
  10. I thought about the Hot Sauce you put on Student Athlete ? Then l looked at what was left at the rb if Otis is a no show 2021. Dalton and Luke. Suspect to say the least. If the Mitchell kid gets a fair chance he will be the back if talent is allowed to play. If talent or skill set is allowed to play.
  11. You put a lil hot sauce on Student!
  12. And l saw the updated 2020 Dept Chart it has Dalton starting Luke backing him up and Otis 3 really. Otis is a better back than both of them.
  13. And l don't care how highly rated Quincy is he will not be a quarterback at UND.
  14. This is Bubba Team and Danny calls the shots. Robbie will do what they tell him.
  15. Hello guys did any of you see the Dept Chart. Quincy is 3rd string and l bet he is Redshirted. Reid will be the 3rd QB. Quincy will be asked to switch positions. I saw they have signed a QB in the next class who they are high on. And Christian Cochran is a number 2nd behind Tyler. Wow..
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