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  1. I read this today. McKinney hurt the last 4 games injury prone. I saw the game he was injured in. He got injured trying to spark the team taking the ball out the end zone trying to make a play. Well l see why he missed 3 games. I remember the 4th game he came back against Northern Colorado a must win game and went 6 for 105 over 150 yards special teams if I am not mistaken. See the field position gave our offense opportunities to score. Now they talk about the 4 games he missed no it was 3 Nichols State he wasn't involved in what they had planned. Now as far as the 3 games he missed due to injury trying to make a play. What about the 8 games he was healthy and barely played.
  2. I think that just the fact he wants to stay despite what going on says a lot about the school and what it represents despite the football situation. The kid has character and how can one not respect that.
  3. Why does it have to be a power play. The kid is no longer on scholarship he is spending his own money he has not said anything about the situation. Why does it have to be negative
  4. Why would you think the kid is mad? He might want to see if football is what he really wants to do. He might need a break from the game and see what is important to him. Also it is an opportunity to maybe change his mind about leaving. Because he can leave and go if he truly wants. We don't know he still might change his mind about leaving. Im glad he is enjoying school.
  5. He likes the school l guess so it's not about football. And he is spending his own money.
  6. I found out he had a opportunity to leave immediately but he said he loves being a student at UND and he wants to Graduate and wants to pay his own way. I heard his commitment to his next situation will be as a Graduate Transfer. I respect that.. Facts so it's not about football it's about the kid wanting to see what he started through WOW. Way to go young man.
  7. Yes l think he broke his hand and they made him redshirt but he still practiced everyday simulating the speed of the receiver of the other team. Looks like they took full advantage of him even with a red shirt and not supposed to be participating. Know who benefits. Facts
  8. As far as his education lm going to research that also. I can't speak what l don't know but when l respond l will answer with facts. I don't know his education situation. Plus l don't have a dog in this fight. So weather he finishes school or not it is not my concern That's his.. But once l find out l will speak only with facts. Facts only..
  9. Well at first l thought the word was laugh. I guess l might have been wrong it's team. I watched this kid on the sideline not playing and encouraging his teammates every game l attended because l wanted to see his body language. Humble kid. If l recall correctly now let me know if this isn't facts. I am only talking facts not opinion. Facts. Remember Luke Skokna had his break out game. I do because l was there l was very happy for that kid awesome performance. Now did anyone see his interview after the game l did. Luke said how much Cam encourages him and that Cam is always positive and a great team mate now l don't play for UND. But if a fellow teammate says this is always positive and encouraging. Well l will go with that fact not an opinion. So if you are referring to the kid being a team player go back a look at Lukes interview and let Luke tell you. Facts.
  10. McKinney He will go D1 l wouldn't be surprised if it's FBS. Laugh if you like. Im going to watch. I see what he has I'm not in denial. He will be on a team that will appreciate his contribution.
  11. Cam McKinney seems to be number 2 in total yards 724 not bad for a player with very, very limited 2019 play 7 games. What if he was given the same opportunity the other guys had.
  12. UND 2019 Team Leaders Total Yard's. Wanzek 996, McKinney 724, Tonnevin 684, Boltman 637, Magg 610, Johannason 539, Skokna 389, Gee 269, UND Football Facts 2019... Total yards leaders 2019 season. Wow.. Really.. UND total yards leaders 2019.
  13. The kid just wants to play. He isn't playing here. The Coach has his guys he says it often. With McKinney leaving they can move forward and they won't have to talk about this anymore. Best wishes young man.
  14. No l didn't but l do now.
  15. No not at all McKinney doesn't have anything to do with Bubba and his Coaching. Bubba can't relate to his players.
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