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  1. It's frustrating how obvious this decision is to everyone but the state and AD's. They are comfortable switching up the football conferences every other year, but it seems like it takes an act of congress to even consider reworking the hockey setup. - Jr. Gold could still exist in Fargo and GF, they would just have to rely on MN and SD tournaments. It would probably look more like a Youth AAA program. - Travel wouldn't be a big issue for the eastern half of the state as they have MN to pull from. The west is obviously a different story. - I think you'd almost have to split up the A/AA by enrollment. Maybe there is one or two teams that are on the bubble that would have to declare intentions for x amount of years at a time. If everyone played on a points system and then it was split into a Gold and Silver bracket like they do in the youth state tournaments, you'd end up with programs devaluing the lower bracket. -It's weird how hockey is the only sport where top end player retention is a big deal. You don't hear about elite basketball players moving from B schools to A schools. Maybe i'm naive and this happens all the time.
  2. I thought I heard that Devils Lake killed a 5 minute major at the end of the game too.
  3. I like it except the thought of JV teams in the A. There are some years when GFC or RR have a JV team that would be in the top 10 in the varsity league.
  4. Talking with some of the parents, they are very happy with their season. They wish they could get more ND teams to schedule them. They did get Williston's varsity team this year, other than that only JV will commit from ND. I think they would fit in pretty good out west. I think its funny how they get poked fun of for the different communities it takes to make the coop up. You don't hear about the outlying towns in the Grafton/PR or Devils Lake coop's. I would guess those are almost as long.
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