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  1. 1 hour ago, UND-FB-FAN said:

    Yeah, and I think NDSU starts losing more when more of Entz’ recruits hit the field. Horrible coach with a very very good program around him 

    What makes him a horrible coach? And over half the players playing now are his recruits.

  2. 25 minutes ago, nd1sufan said:

    Nobody said they did. When the kid tweeted his offers he said he received his first D1 offer from UND. When he tweeted his NDSU offer he tweeted he received a PWO offer from NDSU. Nobody said what UND’s offer was.

    Here are the two posts. One states an offer of some sort from UND. Could of been a PWO, could of been a scholarship. He clearly states what the offer is from NDSU. 

    Probably doesn't clear anything up. Just posting the information from his Twitter.

  3. 5 hours ago, geaux_sioux said:

    It’s their primary recruiting strategy. This staff is not as good as the previous ones at finding talent.

    This is ignorant. A lot of it is timing. Camp schedules. We will see UND/NDSU head-to-head more then ever before with conference change and UNDs rising program. NDSU offered Dixon and Schweigert after their two individual camps. Along with many other recruits. UND did the same with many players after their individual camp. Many FCS schools this year aren't offering guys until they get them on campus and work them out. The NCAA is allowing colleges to work out players individually for the first time with COVID preventing kids from getting on campus in a year and a half. 


  4. Being an outsider, I thought it was interesting that 3 out of 4 Dakota schools will be replacing their OC's. SDSU and NDSU replacing their DC's also. Was curious what your expectations are for Freund's offense? Will schemes, formations and philosophies be similar to Rudolph? Just better play calling and game planning? Or are you expecting drastic changes?

    I know former UND OC, Schleusner is in the mix at SDSU for OC job along with their OL coach Eck. 

    Just seems like a lot of turnover at key coaching positions for the four rival schools. Be interesting to see how they do.

    Thoughts on UND's end with Freund?

  5. 4 minutes ago, geaux_sioux said:

    He was far from the star of my threads, I would know, I wrote them. Why are the majority of NDSU fans who come on this site completely worthless? I mean, besides @Bison06 what do any of the other fat asses bring to the table?





  6. Just now, geaux_sioux said:

    Kid had loads of talent and everyone on Bisonville including the legit posters were more than just a little excited to see him take over after Stick. Stand down son, you’re out of your league.

    Your the only one I remember boasting him. All your preseason threads comparing UND and NDSU. He was the star of your threads. I don't recall many on there being huge fans. Nothing about being out of my league. Van Dellen was a pocket passing QB, way different then Stick. Would of been interesting. 

  7. 1 minute ago, geaux_sioux said:

    Sorry, I heard someone say facts earlier in this thread. Then I saw you pontificating without telling the real story. Not really a nit pick when your future stud qb gets kicked off the team for repeated failed drug tests, I mean transfers out.

    You're sure spitting out facts. Future stud? Where you get that. Kid had not proven anything. 

  8. 6 minutes ago, UND1983 said:

    May want to brush up on ur timelines, brah. 

    Kleiman takes job December 10-11.

    Early signing period December 19-21.

    Dead period December 17-January 10th.

    Whats wrong with my time line?


  9. 3 minutes ago, BarnWinterSportsEngelstad said:

    Shouldn't take long and you'll shut up.

    Your the one that was calling for NDSU to "slip" after the loss to JMU in 2016. 2 national titles later. 

    Read my posts on here, I have rarely downgraded UND or bad mouthed them. Typically my posts are to back NDSU. 

  10. 1 minute ago, BarnWinterSportsEngelstad said:

    Shouldn't take long and you'll shut up.

    Love how you leave the rest of my post out. I was just saying what was he supposed to do? Not offer a QB they have familiarity with. 

  11. 6 minutes ago, UND1983 said:

    What's really interesting is the timeline. They knew Lewis was gone since early-mid December but didn't offer Graetz until mid January, shortly after UND did. Huh.  

    Plus, Minnesota only offered a PWO so they easily could have come back on Graetz in mid-December, offered him a scholarship, and had him in the early class...but they didn't.  Huh.  

    Interesting scenario that played out.  Personally, I think UND needs to find someone who wants to be at UND so whatevs.  Gotta go to next on list

    Also you know for a fact it was mid-December that they knew Lewis wasn't coming? Kleiman took the K-State job a week before early signing period. Entz didn't even have a staff in place to make offers to anyone. Also after early signing period it's a dead period until after the national title. Guessing after his staff was put together, they evaluated what more they needed in this class and a scholarship QB was one. Most schools take a scholarship QB every year. It's the most important position in sports. Why do you think we're having this argument.

  12. 5 minutes ago, UND1983 said:

    Gotcha. You got your full-ride QB (as of mid-January).  First chink in the armor for Entz.

    Yep. Your right. Sword right to the rib cage.  Because he had control of Lewis following Kleiman to K-State. What is he supposed to do? Not offer anyone? No matter who he offered would of been the middle of January. 

  13. 12 minutes ago, UND1983 said:

    They went from a PWO to a FULL.  I mean seriously.  

    Quite literally the only reason is because UND offered him a full.  That's embarrassing. 

    That is false. What's facts are he wasn't even committed to us anymore, and in order to get a QB in this class they need to offer him a scholarship. Losing Lewis to K-State opened it up. 

    Noland, transfer from Iowa St., fills Van Dellen's scholarship after he transferred last year and brings in competition.

    We brought a kid in from Florida last weekend for a visit that had an offer from D2 Voldosta St, but decided to go after Graetz. 

    Spin it how you want to spin it, with only 4 weekends of visits coming out of the dead period after the national title game you have to move fast. Probably the easiest thing to do is recruit someone, who was once committed and has familiarity with your program then start new. 

    It's called recruiting. There's a heck of a lot worse that goes on in the world of college football in recruiting than a money war between two schools 70 miles apart. 

  14. 53 minutes ago, The Sicatoka said:

    I'm already on the record saying losing SS Grimsley will hurt their defense worse than losing QB Stick will hurt their offense. (No disrespect to either's replacements intended.) 

    Robby never seemed to make a mistake and was always there to cover up miscues. 

    I hope your right! Klieman was very high on Tutsie.

  15. 2 hours ago, FlinFlan80 said:

    What about on defense? What does NDSU lose?


    Return (Starters)
    DE-Derek Tuscka

    LB- Jabril Cox

    CB- Marquis Bridges

    S- James Hendrix


    Saw a ton of playing time

    DE- Spency Waege 

    DT- Cole Karcz

    DT-Jack Darnell

    CB-Josh Hayes

    SS-Michael Tutsie 


    NDSU's biggest questions will be who steps in at LB, the rest is pretty much set.

  16. 1 hour ago, Mama Sue said:

    Well it appears this made the paper the DAY AFTER it was reported... obviously Bubba publicly came clean and should be considered a ROLE MODEL.

    Give me a break. Read what I have posted throughout this thread. I never once argued about the posting of it or the time of it. I am discussing that both programs have had issues with players taking illegal things. 

  17. 1 minute ago, Stockdamhockey said:

    "Dictating" you mean suppressing information. Wouldn't want anything bad about the hometown team in the local paper now would we... What would ESPN think? I never used the player's name. Don't attribute that to me.

    No more WDAZ. Isn't that dictating?

  18. Just now, Stockdamhockey said:

    And there were no opportunities between Thursday and Saturday to report on it??? Inforum is online. Takes minutes to upload a story. Suspension was NEVER disclosed by any Fargo media. Someone surely knew (Dom, Kolpack, McFeely) What gives Tolna?

    I'm not saying your wrong? I haven't yet. When I said calling people out, I was speaking about Robbins. I'm arguing thay no program is bullet proof. ND's biggest media market is Fargo, they will dictate everything. 

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