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  1. Hi. One SBU fan here. I hope we gained a little bit of your respect last night. While your offense may not have been as sharp as you expected it to be, I suspect our D had something to do with that once in a while. By the way, your defense looks pretty darn good also. Too bad about the injured player. I feel bad whenever a kid goes down. I hope he has a full recovery. Good luck the rest of the way.
  2. We do not have a Will Tye on our roster this year. He is now the starting TE for the New York Giants. We do have 6'8" TE Connor Davis who can create some mismatches down the seam.
  3. I think my compatriot BobLaLaw gave a pretty good run down of our key players.
  4. We have a new offensive coordinator this year and my understanding is they are trying to open things up a bit. We need to do that to keep up with the rest of our conference. Our HC is a run first kind of guy so we will see how much rope he gives the new coordinator. Will depend on QB play of course. We have a site known as Seawolves Fans. Come on over. I think you will find an invested but resonable group.
  5. Our running game has been the strength of our offense for years. We have some quality depth and with a solid O line I expect us to be pretty good running the ball. Our outside people are the best we may have ever had. So the elephant in the room is the QB. He will need to improve his judgement. He will make poor choices. We have a new OC this year so we are hoping that will be a help. Not sure where to go with a score. Your team is a deserved favorite. How about 23 -16 North Dakota.
  6. I can try to give you a brief overview. I would not be surprised if other Seawolves fans stop by and give their perpective. We have hung our hat on our defense for a number of years now and return 9 starters. Of course, one of those losses was an All American who is looking to stick with the Ravens. But we will be very quick on that side of the ball and have a preseason All Conference selection along the D Line. Our special teams are solid but not spectacular but I understand our return teams have looked good in camp. Most SBU fans will tell you our biggest concern is at QB. Of course, that is a bad place to have concerns. The incumbent has been very inconsistent and it really has held us back. This might be the best group of skill players we have ever had so we really need the QB to step up. I expect our O line to be solid and we also return an All Conference RB from 2014 who sat out last season with injuries. All in all, we hope to keep climbing the CAA ladder but we might be a year away from challenging the top of the conference.
  7. Hi everyone. Just an SBU fan passing through. In the interest of accuracy, the Seawolves were 5-5 last season with a convincing win over New Hampshire. Also, we only had 10 results due to the loss of a final at FBS Toledo where we trailed by 3 in the 3rd quarter before an electrical storm of biblical propotions cancelled the balance of the game. We are looking forward to a challenging game with a strong opponent.
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