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  1. I guess I'm confused about the roster not posted. Wouldn't that logic apply to the football team as well? They both ended their schedule in Nov.. The football team has their roster on the site? Not a big deal, just thought it was peculiar. Something is going on...that's for sure..
  2. Coach Pryor apparently has missed a majority of the spring practices and games (scrimmages). What's the story? This is unheard of in college athletics, and completely unfair and negligent to the players on the roster. Spring practices and games are CRITICAL in the development of players. Was told he was an obvious no show at the NDSU scrimmage yesterday in Fargo. Parents seem to be very concerned. With the loss of several key players that have transferred after the season, things seem to be unraveling. Why is there no roster on the website? Hmmm...
  3. Oh, and another thing, I want to praise the coaches on leading the race and bringing recruits in early. Apparently, on Tuesday, they had a recruit in from West Fargo (!Sheyenne High). Kalli Hegerle is a 5'11" or 6' all state (as a freshman) setter and hitter. Class of 2018. I hear she is being recruited as a setter here. This keeps with Coach Pryors commitment to "go big". Sure would be nice to steal another player of this caliber from NDSU's backyard! Love it! Way to go coach!
  4. It's gonna be another great year for volleyball! Faith Dooley looks even stronger this year!
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