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  1. Seems strange to see UND alums getting mumps, I'm wondering if there is an effort to vaccinate players ion the team?
  2. Regardless if REA makes or loses money on this tournament, it is certainly getting value in marketing from its broadcasts on NHL TV and radio. More comments about the beautiful facility than lack of crowd, besides hockey players and parents are very comfortable with empty stands. I would guess that the scouts are the crowd the players really care about anyway.
  3. I posted on another forum, I am looking for 2 tickets for Jordan and Nicks' aunts, one from Madison and one from Denver, they have made many games and would love to be with them in Fargo
  4. Hi, I am looking for two tickets to the regionals for aunts of Jordan and Nick Schmatlz, they have been to many games this year and are from Denver and Madison and have had no luck getting tickets.