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  1. 2017-18 Season

    Anyone streaming the game? There is nobody, and I mean nobody in that arena right now!
  2. 2017-18 Season

    I like our chances in the spoiler role , especially if Frieje can get back in there. I guarantee nobody wants to draw us! If Brewster can find a way to get his shooters to heat up (Dailey, please) we could win the tournament.
  3. 2017-18 Season

    All that diving and scrapping Reinke does has earned her the playing time.
  4. 2017-18 Season

    And I was not one of them.
  5. 2017-18 Season

    Sorry, but when your coach receives COY from his conference and then is put on the hot seat only 3 games into the following season...these complainers are either not paying attention or are displaying troll-ism. (Placing an eye-rolling emoji at the end of every post may be a clue to which one is true.)
  6. 2017-18 Season

    So your reasoning is simple: Every loss is on the head coach. By that rationale, every win is also on the head coach. Don't look now but Brewster has more Big Sky wins over the last 4 years than any other coach. So where's the credit to go with all that criticism? Are you ready to claim that Brewster's multiple BS COY awards (last year!) are some kind of hoax?
  7. 2017-18 Season

    You want to put this loss on Brewster? Let's hear your detailed analysis on how bad coaching led to the loss.
  8. 2017-18 Season

    Completely disagree. We will be lucky if a higher-profile school doesn't lure him away.
  9. 2017-18 Season

    She was a ND Miss Basketball finalist as a senior. That same year she was dominant in the state B tournament. I think she would have had the same success in BB as she had in VB. This could be a fun season.
  10. What a game of spurts that was.
  11. Baldwin playing well since taking that elbow to the face!
  12. Looked like Avants was the aggressor there.
  13. 2016-17 Season

    Shout-out to Brewster: That makes 3 Big Sky masterpieces out of 5 years so far.....
  14. 2016-17 Season

    They haven't put away enough teams for you this year? Seems like a forced complaint to me. So many pluses to point out and you find a negative. Bottom line: UND just went into the conference leader's house and completely took care of business, stealing away 1st place and instead of celebrating you let out a groan.
  15. 2016-17 Season

    Ladies stomping UNC right now in the 3rd...