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  1. I have 2 tickets for Friday in Duluth lower bowl. Seats are together. I'm into them for around $50 a ticket. PM or text me 701-330-2584. The tickets are phisically in Duluth. Tickets are in section 122 row 14.
  2. I have 4 tickets for Friday and Saturday in Duluth. All 4 seats are together. I will sell in sets of 2. I'm into them for around $50 a ticket. PM or text me 701-330-2584. The tickets are phisically in Duluth. Tickets for Friday are in section 122 row 14 and Saturdays are in 122 row 12. I am looking to sell both nights together.
  3. Upper bowl 5th row. Call or text 701-330-2584
  4. Section 103 row O seats 11 and 12. $40 a ticket. Feel free to call or text 701-330-2584
  5. Need 2 tickets for both Fri and Sat night games vs BSU. Have family coming from out of town. Text or call 701-330-2584 or PM.
  6. I am going to the Final 5 with a group of 8 and we have a van / shuttle service bringing us from downtown, couldn't get rooms in St. Paul, to the Xcel Energy Center and picking us up at the end of the night. No one in my group wants to drive. I have done this in the past and the Van is by far the cheapest option for a shuttle service. We can still accommodate 4 more riders and the price would be $20 per rider per day. Let me know if anyone is interested in riding our van. Thanks.
  7. My son is only 3 but according to the Ralph Rules he needs his own ticket even though he will be sitting on my Lap. I am looking for the cheapest ticket possible for Friday and Saturday as my son will be with me. Let me know if anyone has a cheap ticket for Friday and Saturday. Thanks
  8. Plz PM me if you have available tix. Thanks.
  9. Im interested please call 701-330-2584
  10. 2 Tickets for Saturday UND @ BSU Available

    Im interested please call 701-330-2584
  11. I have two Frozen Four Tickets for sale. I am asking face value ($361). My wife is due the week before and isnt fond of me going. PM me if interested.
  12. Post Season Sioux Survivor

  13. Oshie, Vandevelde trouble

    That is simply not true. A loud party violation is a B misdemeanor which carries with it a a maximum term of imprisonment of 30 days, a $1,000 fine of both. Practically speaking, however, unless you have a horrible record or multiple noise violations you will not sit any jail time. Also, there is no minimum mandatory fine, i.e. it is discretionary with the court up to $1,000.
  14. Oshie, Vandevelde trouble

    You are correct about a loud party only needing to involve two parties. The city ordinance also requires the noise to be audible over 50 feet. Bottom line: it doesn't take much to violate this ordinance, in fact many or all of us violate this ordinance every day. The comment earlier about a loud party being worse then a DUI is simply not true. Both crimes are B misdemeanors, but after two violates of the DUI Statute it becomes an A misdemeanor and after 5 it becomes a felony if within a 7 year period. Lets wait and find the facts out before jumping to conclusions.
  15. 2 tickets for Denver - Friday

    A friend of mine is looking for two ticket as cheaply a possible. Call Travis at 701-775-0654 if interesed.