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  1. MrMcnoingam69

    2018 Roster

    Rooney was the best O-lineman this year. There were three people that started every game this season, Patric Rooney, Ryan Tobin, and John Santiago. Rooney had one bad snap all season. If you actually watch the lineman every play, Rooney is consistently making his blocks and giving Keaton a ton of time in the pocket. Watch Rooney on big runs throughout the season, he always has his man. Without Rooney, this line falls apart.
  2. MrMcnoingam69

    Donnell Rodgers Recovering Nicely

    Oh thanks I wasn't aware, appreciate the help.
  3. MrMcnoingam69

    Donnell Rodgers Recovering Nicely

    Yea sorry meant Donnell Rodgers.
  4. MrMcnoingam69

    Donnell Rodgers Recovering Nicely

    Just thought I would update you guys on my post earlier about all those guys with injuries. Got some insider information that Donnell Smith is recovering nicely. Mr. Smith has been putting in a lot of physical therapy work, I've heard it has been several hours every day. He has also been doing a lot of pool recovery work that has slingshotted his recovery process. Wishing Mr. Smith the best from here on out.
  5. MrMcnoingam69

    Strength and conditioning coach

    Oh sorry I meant Donnell Rodgers
  6. MrMcnoingam69

    Strength and conditioning coach

    Look at all the injuries this year; Keaton Studsrud, Deon Harris, Evan Holm, Kyle Norbert, Cole Reyes, Ray Hass, A.J. Stockwell, Luke Stanley, Donell Smith. This is ridiculous. Look at what happened last year as well. The strength coach thought the team needed more conditioning after their bye week, so they did 8 110's and 4 150's. So many people had back injuries after that !@#$. Same !@#$ again this year. He is pushing them too hard in season, wayyy to much heavy lifting going on. You need a mix of heavy lifting and recovery lifts. This is some bull$%!#, get me out there ill work em right.