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  1. Pogo is my fav. If he leaves i dont know if i can get season tix next year because there is a possibility of them being a dumpster fire. Need to start recruiting guys who will stay unlike jost.
  2. Its just a name. Call them whatever you want and move on.
  3. Call me crazy, but id take 2 goals for the hawks over the check that caused the broken glass??
  4. We cant get a call out there today!!! So many hooks and trips. Unreal.
  5. Going to suck without poolman. Going to need a lot of offensive help. Beosser needs at least two if you ask me. Lots of hawks fans all around fargo right now so it should be a fun crowd!!
  6. Our squad looked great at practice today! My son had a blast seeing the players that up close.
  7. I agree with your minnesota assesment. Careful with bold opinions like that because some people *cough stoneysioux cough* might call you a troll
  8. UND v NDSU football was one if the biggest rivalries in college sports. Saying it was intense when they played last time is ridiculous because it was a forgone conclusion that NDSU would win, and they did, 34-9. I dont see how that is something a "troll" would say. Im a vikings fan and i hope the packers are always good because it feels better when we beat them when they are good. If UND dominates the rivalry it is no longer a rivalry.
  9. What is wrong with you? All im saying is that if every year UND wins a national championship and every year the gophers dont make it to the tournament or lose in the first round, its bad for the rivalry. Example: UND vs NDSU football is irrelevant now days because NDSU is so much better. It might matter to a bunch of 60 year olds but do you think the students care at all??? NO. All im saying is that i love the rivalry and having it be competitive is a good thing. The real "troll" here is you because every time someone has a differing opinon you have to shut them down and demean them. Grow up.
  10. I think it would be good for the UND v UofM rivalry if the gophers won this year. If we keep winning and they keep losing it will lose its luster after a while lol
  11. Cant wait to seem them friday!!!!!!! BU doesnt stand a chance!!!!!!
  12. Looked like UMD was trying to physically hurt us out there. Glad our squad didnt retaliate. Go hawks!
  13. If you "can see my IP" then you would unequivocally know i only have one user name. Quit being a bully and just watch the games.
  14. My other username? Are you kidding me? And i dont think wishing for me to get hit by a car has a place in these forums.
  15. Yea but if the same person starts it every time then they are guarenteed victory. This one is way better than that other crappy one. Unfortunantely the damage has already been done so UMD will win tonight 5-2. Sad but at least we are going to the regionals.