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the internet feed of CC/Minnie was bad so I watched a Nov. 1990 tape I ran across.

Russ Romuniak, Neil Eisenhut, Greg Johnson, James Duberman, Dave Hakstol, Dixon Ward...and we didn't make the NCAAs. Must have been all those mullets. :)

If anyone's name is spelled incorrectly (and I'd be surprised if at least one is not), for some reason names weren't on the Sioux jerseys. Knew who John McClain was though, 'cuz he wore his jersey tucked in.

Since I have a very limited tape selection and wanted to head toward the NCAAs with a win against Duluth this was the tape to watch.

Had an interview with Phil Sykes when he was with the Winnipeg Jets, using his nickname--Psycho. Brought back some great memories of his time at UND.

Let's Go Sioux!!!

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That sounds like a great game featuring great players. I was in undergrad at UND at the time and remember those players well.

BTW, you are close on most of the spellings. Brad Bombardir, Dane Jackson and Paxton Schulte were three others on that team that went on to see time in the NHL, along with Russ Romaniuk, Justin Duberman and Jeff McLean and some of the other players you listed.

The problem during that year was UND had a goaltending trio of Tony Couture, Cory Cadden and Chris Dickson!

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