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TO ALL: I run a wcha fantasy hockey league as many of you know. Many of you on this site are already in the league so this post does not concern you. The league has grown from 14 players to 39 players as of now going into the 2nd season of the league. i am looking for a few more players to join. it is very BASIC and if you are interested just click on my website link below in my signature. i may accept 10-12 more players but it will be maxed at 52 no matter what and the deadline is SUNDAY to join.all rules listed in my site. so 1st come 1st serve. check it out and email me if interested. i have great prizes and its a ton of fun. i am also looking for other teams fans as well of the wcha as i have a few already in the league. THANKS!

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thanks to all that have emailed or pm'd me and joined the league.

I NEED 2 MORE PLAYERS to reach my 52 players and the league will be locked and set for this season.

first 2 to email me that want in the league are in.

thanks again!

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THANKS to all on ths board who joined the league...the league reached 48 players which is a big step from 14 last year..have 6 different wcha represented so that great..the schedules are set and we are ready to rumble.........go siouxxxxxxxxxx

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