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10 days away from the first game


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With 10 days left before the first Sioux game on FSSN, those who use their FTA recievers only for the Sioux games might want to warm them up and make sure its working fine and that the dish is aimed so you don't get shut out the first game :silly:

The Sioux this year are on a different transponder and if you don't have a blind scan you have to enter the new info

12044 frequency

V polarity

4880 symbol rate

I have seen other games on this transponder and the signal is pretty good so a 30" dish will still be fine. To make sure the dish is aimed there are a couple ways to make sure the signal is good.

If you have a blind scan receiver (some may say smart scan) do a scan. If you don't, there are a couple transponders to enter and check signal.

ABCNewsNow and ABCNewsOne are on the same satellite. One is at

11955 frequency

V polarity

3978 symbol rate

and the other is at




the frequency may be off by one or two but thats fine. Both of these are pretty strong (they show a 90 on my Pansat). Or this weekend (Saturday) at 2:00 CDT Montana Grizzlies football will be on

12044 frequency (same as the Sioux will be on)


6148 symbol rate

I used this 2 weeks ago to tweak my dish for the best signal.

If anyone is having issues, let myself or PSB know. We're here to help ;)

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Nice one Iceberg, the above info should really help those with satellite systems when it comes to pointing/tweaking their dish, since the Sioux transponder is not active 24/7

Here is hoping for another great season!

Go Sioux.

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