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Hurt or help? The New improved RPI!


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Will this help or hurt UND which doesn't seem to mind playing teams outside the WCHA.

I say hurt since we like to travel to get schools to play at the REA.


I would love to see Holy Cross come back to play at the REA but they I am sure HC would

like a home and away game.

This could hurt UND if HC was in a slump year and we are playing in their barn. When maybe we could

be playing UNO or Maine.

IMHO, the NCAA might have helped the east coast out by this new index of RPI and did nothing for the teams of the west. Or am I not reading that the NCAA is all knowing?? :lol:

Maybe a radical idea or a "tweak" would be RPI = mileage + %. This would help teams want to travel more

to gain RPI.

Think about this:

UAA and UAF travel alot but, maybe they wouldn't mind traveling to Alabama if they new there could be huge RPI % based on travel/mileage. (The respective leagues would really have to work so that teams are not playing away two weeks in a row after a long away game. )

Or if UNH traveled to the west beat a team from the west and boosted their RPI because of travel. Pushed past someone in their own league to capture a post season spot based on RPI mileage %!!

You need some type of reward mileage so that UMD or UM doesn't have the Beavers on their schedule

just for RPI every year. :angry:

Told you it was radical. :angry: Remember just a fan on a board with an idea and concern. ;)

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