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St. Cloud game on in Denver?

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Sioux fans in Denver -

Does anybody know if there are any sports bars in Denver that are able to get the St. Cloud game? Meaning is there any bars that have the new digital equipment that can pick up the feed? I know this has been hashed and re-hashed, but I still haven't had any luck finding the games anywhere. It's still the same coordinates, right? Just different equipment?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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It is not the same coordinates as last year. The coordinates have changed. You need a digital KU receiver that can handle mpeg 2 downlinks also the signal is not scrambled but there is a chance the ralph may scramble the feed next year.

Satellite coordinates for Fighting Sioux hockey are Galaxy 3c/Ku,

Transponder/channel 18, Slot A, Downlink Frequency 12041.O Horizontal.

Good Luck

John Innes

Satellite Coordinator

Joe Senser's Sports Gril & Bar Bloomington/Eagan/Roseville Minnesota

612-770-0471 Cell

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