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  1. Just wondering, a co-worker offered me cheap tickets to this weekend's game that are SRO club tickets. I've visited the lounges between periods a few times, but I'm just curious what these tickets are good for? Are there any seats available in the lounge? Are you able to watch the game? Never hung out up there, so I'm not sure if I should take the offer. Thanks.
  2. Nice! Thanks everyone, just saw they added a watch party there. I won't be doing too much gambling, just a mini vacation; a couple concerts and leaving Friday. Hope to see a good group at Torrey pines.
  3. Where's a good place to catch the game in Las Vegas with fellow fans?
  4. I'm new here. Can anyone tell me why they are showing the Sioux-Beavers game tonight? I'm in Bismarck and have MidCon, any way to watch tonight's game live?
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