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  1. I have 2 seats for tonight’s game in Section 302 row J. $30 total. Pick up only
  2. I have 6 season tickets for sale. I'm selling these for exactly what we paid the REA for them. I have 4 in section 306K and 2 in section 303G for sale. These seats are all on the side that UND shoots both 1st and 3rd periods. Selling them for face value @$500 a seat. Please message me if you are interested. Tickets are for every game that is played in the REA this year, including playoffs should we host. Sorry, no parking pass included. Thanks, and GO SIOUX!
  3. I have 2 tickets for tonight in section 306 Row J. $30 total you pick up
  4. I have 2 seats for sale for tonight. Section 107 Row B. $60 total
  5. I have 2 sets of tickets available for this weekends series vs Denver. I have 2 in 306 Row J for each night. Will sell for $50 total each night or $80 for the entire weekend. I also have 2 in 107 B for each night. Will ask for $80 each night or $140 for the entire weekend. These are the best seats in the arena imo. Text 218-201-3033 if interested. Must pick up tix.
  6. 2 tix for tonight. $50 total. Seats are in 107 B. 2 rows from the ice. Excellent view.
  7. I have 2 extra tickets for sale tonight. 2nd row in upper bowl. $60 total
  8. You heard me. LOVE that there are others calling you out this year. Time to face it...your schtick on here has gotten old...and it's not just me saying it anymore. But hey..keep up with the backhanded comments towards this year's team in an effort to validate your man-love for Hakstol. At the end of the day, your IDOL still brought home NOTHING at the end of the year and the very first year he is gone, the Sioux bring home the hardware. Man...that had to piss you off.....and apparently, it still does. I'm done with ya.
  9. I'll take the coach who has them playing their best hockey in April. You know...like last year?
  10. Among others. Take a look at Friday's GDT troll...looks like a few guys called you out. Ooooops!
  11. Who won the game? Certainly not your almighty Gophers. Face it......your IDOL is gone and he's not coming back. He can choke up at the big level now. LOVE that other people are calling you out this year for being the passive aggressive TROLL you are. I've been doing it for years......and have been.......RIGHT for years.
  12. Of course he is. It's because he wants to crap all over the people who were glad Hakstol left. It's the same reason he keeps bringing up our "win total" and "no second half surge." He can't stand that the team won a National Title because of a coach that was able to get his players up for the big game, so he needs to find a way to put Berry down. His agenda has been pretty obvious all year. You should see him on GPL.....he....revels in the fact that we haven't been as automatic this year. MM absolutely DESPISES that his idol choked every year and the minute he left, the team was able to finally get over the hump.
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