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  1. Sorry for the delayed response. The reason behind this request is I'm currently refinishing my basement into a Man Cave/Bar, and wanted to incorporate all the Fighting Sioux logos into the design in some way. This might occur in a variety of different ways, potentially just having the logos painted on the wall, or if possible, I may actually have them carved into the cabinetry. Its all a work in progress, and before I can really determine whats doable, I needed actual decent pictures of the logos. If you do have the high res pictures, I would be much obliged if you could provide them. Hope this is a sufficient reason and thanks again.
  2. offyonder

    Old Logos

    I'm trying to find good stand alone pictures of some old vintage Sioux logos (Sammy Sioux, Geometric, the Blackhawks similar logo). I've tried searching but thus far have had limited success. Does anyone happen to have pictures of any of these that they might be willing to post? Thanks in advance.
  3. offyonder

    Old Logo

    I want a version large enough to put on a shirt. If you would be willing to even provide just the wallpaper it would be appreciated.
  4. offyonder

    Old Logo

    The logo used during the 1990s, just prior to the current logo.
  5. offyonder

    Old Logo

    Does anyone have a large picture of the Old Sioux head logo? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  6. Are any potential future Sioux players playing this weekend?
  7. Are any potential future Sioux players playing this weekend?
  8. Looking for two tickets to Saturday night v. Denver. Not particular on any type of seating.
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