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  1. I am glad to see that Thome had his off night on Friday v. Mankato. It is time for him to step back up to the plate and lead by example. I trust that the coaching staff / alumni around the program have properly instilled the importance of a Sioux v. Gopher game in the minds -- & HEARTS -- of the current players. This game has HUGE implications down the road for Pairwise rankings, etc. BTW, I still have three (3) blueline tickets in Row L for those of you with friends or family in or close enough to Vegas to make the game. They are NOT priced at StubHub inflated prices -- I would
  2. I still have a choice trio (3) of tickets for this Saturday's tilt in Vegas -- Sec. 11x, Row L -- on the blueline, directly across from the Sioux bench! My lady's son, daughter-in-law & grandson have a conflict & can't come now. Reasonably priced -- unlike StubHub offerings for these sections.
  3. How many tickets do you need? I have three (3) extra tickets in Sec 11x, Row L that are NOT listed on StubHub at a reasonable price. I hate ticket fees, too! We'll be in Vegas early Sat. aftn to deliver hard tickets -- or FedEx at your expense as soon as PayPal payment clears!
  4. FYI, Grinder Kits come "unassembled" -- for you neophytes, at least the buns are pre-sliced. Everything else is in a nice little tub with a Red Pepper logo lid or in plastic wrap. Here are the steps to recreate near-University Ave. perfection in the privacy of your own kitchen: 1) Heat the taco meat in a microwave-safe bowl for about 30-45 seconds, stirring once or twice (better yet, heat in a non-stick pan on the stove); 2) While the taco meat is heating, layer the lettuce (sans plastic bag and twistie) on the lower half of the bun(s) on top of a paper plate; 3) Add some hot sauce
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