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  1. Apparently Bottineau and Rugby will now be a Co-op in the west region, this could cause some concern for a few teams in the west. Should be interesting to see how the beginning of the season starts out.
  2. here is a partial schedule http://www.ndaha.org/page/show/370243-hs-boys-varsity-2011-2012-
  3. The High School Hockey season is set to begin in a couple of weeks, any thoughts on which teams will be leading the EDC or WDA this year?
  4. The Northern Plains District Player Development & Evaluation Camp is happening in Grand Forks, ND from June 1 - June 5, does anybody know what D1, D3, or Junior teams will be represented by either their coaches or scouts at this camp? Also is the this camp open to the public to watch?
  5. Just found the weekend results from the USA Hockey website. The North Dakota Starz U14 team finished 3rd in the 2A division of their tournament in Williamsville, NY. The North Dakota Starz U16 team finished 1st in the 1A division of their tournament in Reston, VA. Congrats to both teams on a pair of great tournaments and even better representation of the state of North Dakota. Links to some news articles about each tournament: North Dakota Starz U14 North Dakota Starz U16
  6. Any predictions on how the Dakota Starz U14 and U16 will fair this year at the national tournaments?
  7. My predictions for the first round of Boy's State Hockey: Grand Forks Central 4 Bismarck Century 3 Grafton 5 Bismarck High 2 Grand Forks Red River 4 Jamestown 1 West Fargo 4 Minot 2
  8. Region tournaments start Thursday, East Region looks to be up for grabs, lots of talent and teams peaking at the right point during the season. Should be fun and interesting to watch.
  9. The start of the second half of the season is tomorrow, a few key league matchups including fargo north @ wahpeton, grand forks red river @ grand forks central, minot @ bismark high, and west fargo @ fargo davies. Any thoughts on how the second half will turn out? potential EDC/WDA tourney standings?
  10. Tonight's games include Fargo South/Shanley @ Wahpeton, Fargo North @ Fargo Davies, Mandan @ Minot, Bismark High @ Hazen Beulah, and West Fargo @ Grafton/Park River. I see Fargo South/Shanley beating Wahpeton 8-1, Fargo North beating Fargo Davies 4-2, Minot over Mandan 5-3, Bismark High over Hazen Beulah 2-1, and West Fargo beating Grafton/Park River 4-1.
  11. Tonight's conference games include Century @ Hazen Beulah and Fargo Davies @ Devils Lake, Non-Leage games include Red River playing host to Crookston and Fargo South/Shanley hosting Moorhead, any insight or predictions?
  12. New season is already a week under way, tonight's games include GFRR vs. WAHP and GPR @ FGN, any early season predictions?
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