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  1. In December there was an article about a new hire at UND Volleyball, Jeremiah Tiffen as Associate Head Coach. As far as I can tell, there have been no updates to the Web site. Is he on campus and part of the staff?

    Also, have there been any official press releases on NLI's for incoming Freshman? 



  2. 11 hours ago, AJS said:

    This makes sense to me. Step 1, figuring out the league situation. Step 2, cut sports that aren't core to that league. I'd make no sense to cut any sports before knowing what league you're going to be affiliated with. My hope from the beginning is that they'd move to the Summit for all sports except for Football, which would stay in the Big Sky. 

    In general I agree with this approach. It makes no sense to me to cut any sports before we know our conference situation is set. I prefer the BIg Sky over the Summit, with home and home series every other year with the Dakota schools if possible. To me, a conference for football is a critical part of any discussion and should be the first consideration.

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  3. 6 minutes ago, homer said:

    Hoping they squash Avants shooting 3 pointers this off season.  Not sure he hit one this year.  That is my only complaint of him.  He really exceeded expectations as a true freshman.  

    Avants 8-18 (44.4%) on 3's for the season.



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  4. I don't think she played. Of the Freshman, I thought that Klabo, Freije, Morton, Asuncion and Haas all looked like they could help. Haas didin't play much, but I really liked the way she posted up and went to the basket. Asuncion and Klabo looked a little nervous, so these exhibitions will help them.

  5. Also have a question: is Dooley kind of tentative at the net when she is going to spike it?  I watched about half the match yesterday, off and on, and she seems to let up at the point of contact.  Appeared that Pryor was really yelling at her too to be aggressive or something along those lines.  

    I agree, I wonder if she and Sidney are not quite on the same page, yet, and the timing is a little off. Sidney is really just in her first year and replaced an all conference level four year starter.

  6. I was at the Betty last night. What a great atmosphere. I was surprised that Julia Spacek played all three sets and Harnett, and Giesbrecht did not see any action at all. She did not seem to have near the power of the other two, but maybe she makes fewer mistakes. Any insight?

  7. Rough Riders, Badlands, Flyers, Arrows, Chill, Freeze, Renegades, Predators, Ducks, Honkers, and Skunk Bears (another name for Wolverine). Bash 'em all if you like but I'm like the other guy, just pick one and move on. Nothing will equal Fighting Sioux so no matter what name is chosen it will have its many critics, no doubt.

    From your list, I like Chill, Renegades, (haven't heard those before) and Predators.


    My Additions:


    Voyaguers - kind of long, but has ND history

    Express - Logo maybe something with a locomotive

    Raptors - BIrd of Prey image



  8. Crandall had some back pain.  Not sure if he is redshirting , Shields and Richman probably redshirting.  Kinda odd that their status has not been announced.  Guess is that all 3 will redshirt since they did not dress for last game. Maybe some reporter will ask the coach.

    UND used 11 players at SDSU, including Freshmen Shields, (3 min) and Cashman (6 min). With Salmonson, Shanks, and Stefan looking to get minutes in a few weeks, it appears that we will have an active roster of at least 15 players counting Thomas Blake. That is a lot of guys trying to find playing time. If Crandall is not redshirted that adds another guard to an already deep postion.

  9. How about the running back position? With only four in camp, it's likely they will all see some action, but how have they looked. Has Simmons moved up the depth chart since he has returned to action. Has anyone else taken any big steps forward?

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