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  1. yea, i don't know why he did that. It's not like him to do that at all. Was totally a surprise to us as well as we've actually done the opposite many times. Including the Richmond game a few weeks ago where we had first and goal on the 2 with 2:00 left and could have easily punched it in to make the final score 30-6 instead of 23-6. if we had done that, maybe the score would have looked more impressive to the committe (UR was ranked #10 at the time) and we are hosting Sam Houston this weekend instead of going on the road. VMI scored a TD with 8 seconds left to make the final 31-24 when th
  2. Hey guys, JMU fan here. Just wanted to congratulate you guys on a great season. I know it wasn't the way you wanted to end, but you guys have a great program and a great coach. was really impressed with him in the post game presser. I haven't watched you all too much this year, but from my eyes, you aren't too far off. Just a few more players in key spots and you'll take the next step. Lots of teams at FCS level have speed guys and power guys, but not many who have both. Seems right now, JMU and NDSU (before this year) have just been able to find more guys who have both. Get a couple
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