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  1. yea, i don't know why he did that. It's not like him to do that at all. Was totally a surprise to us as well as we've actually done the opposite many times. Including the Richmond game a few weeks ago where we had first and goal on the 2 with 2:00 left and could have easily punched it in to make the final score 30-6 instead of 23-6. if we had done that, maybe the score would have looked more impressive to the committe (UR was ranked #10 at the time) and we are hosting Sam Houston this weekend instead of going on the road. VMI scored a TD with 8 seconds left to make the final 31-24 when the game was never really in doubt (was 21-3 at half).
  2. Hey guys, JMU fan here. Just wanted to congratulate you guys on a great season. I know it wasn't the way you wanted to end, but you guys have a great program and a great coach. was really impressed with him in the post game presser. I haven't watched you all too much this year, but from my eyes, you aren't too far off. Just a few more players in key spots and you'll take the next step. Lots of teams at FCS level have speed guys and power guys, but not many who have both. Seems right now, JMU and NDSU (before this year) have just been able to find more guys who have both. Get a couple of those, and your day is coming and you'll take the next couple steps. lots of pieces are there for you. From reading your board, not sure why you guys are so down on your QB. He looks pretty good to me. Especially for a freshmen. He made some good throws, and the fact he NEVER takes a sack is not to be taken for granted. Some of that is the line, some of it play calling, but a lot of it is also on him. Keeping you out of those huge negative plays such as a sack that can be drive killers is a huge skill that most coaches would probably love to have in their QB. Give him some more time. I think he'll improve and be really tough to handle. the "trick" plays, if you want to call them that, were also pretty good and definitely caught us off guard. But i didn't see them as "tricks". I would use the term "creative" because they fit right into the offense you were running and didn't look out of place at all. Which is probably why they were so effective. A trick play to me, is a team who runs power I all the time suddenly doing a double reverse, throwback to QB for a flea flicker. That is out of place in that kind of offense. Hope any of you that made it down to Harrisonburg enjoyed the trip and the atmosphere. A shame Virginia is only allowing 30% capacity as i think we would have had a big crowd for this game and we think (as most do) there is no better place to experience an FCS game than a packed Bridgeforth Stadium. Good luck next year. I think you will be serious contenders with Weah and the QB back, and hope like hell you take down that other team in your state.
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