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  1. No, I had already written that I am only his fan and I am watching his career. It is only my opinion...
  2. they can to lose with Cam, with Hrinks too but why not with Tomek ? everybody looks for and waits for only his mistake but he is the youngest and he needs to mature in the game, Cam and Hrinks are much older and they can do mistakes ( and to get a bad goal ! like Hrinks todays first). I think Tomek should get a chance to be in the net whole match tomorrow ...
  3. look at todays Through these doors... I think Shaw's stick changed a little bit the direction
  4. and what about second and third goal from the first game against MinDul ...? I think Cam should have stopped the both and I am sure but I don 't know what was comment from Schloss... any
  5. Sorry for my English and I am only his fan
  6. why is not Cam so good like last year ? Because a team in front of him. And he is 3 years older than Tomek, who can afford some mistakes after 1 season without a match (Cam did it when he was 21 !!! and started in UND). And last reason is next season, who will be in the net, Cam and Matt will go away and Peter Thome in the USHL has not very impressive stats
  7. Tomek is in the net today against U.S.
  8. there is completely old roster of Slovakia team (not only their, I saw old/wrong names in Russia and Czech rep. too) from last year yet ... http://www.eliteprospects.com/team.php?team=1634 there are the latest rosters
  9. in Slovakia roster are three goalies Huska (freshman from UCONN Huskies) who has a few matches with very good stats.. Durny (from Slovak develop.program U20) and Tomek (without matches only with practices) but Tomek will get a chance in a friendly match before WJC
  10. It is realy incredible that Berry don't change the goalie, some changes in the team didn' t work some yes. But it isn' t helpful neither for team nor for Cam and also for Tomek for his next season and his decision. And then is the same to loss with Tomek or no, or with Cam...
  11. I dont think that Cam is not a good goalie, may be it is only an answer why Cam stays in the net without change when is not the best ( team before him is different too) and why Tomek does not get the chance
  12. Last friday Schlossmans article .... UND’s Cam Johnson has started 40 consecutive games, a run that ranks second all-time in UND history. First is Jean-Phillipe Lamoureux at 55 games. .... I think it means that Cam stays in the net even if he is good or not ( as we could see a few last matches) . BB wants to beat every possible record in NCAA.
  13. is unbelievable why BB did not change goalie after last week already (Hrynkiw or Tomek) ...there no reason to wait for this when Cam is not so good and sure ...
  14. But Hakstol wanted him to the net. Nobody knows what BB wants to do with Cam but he should have make some change in the net and give the chance to Tomek. It is normal and the best moment currently...
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