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  1. 13 minutes ago, OgieOgilthorpe said:

    Yea a pioneer team yet we watched kett struggle to even produce 1st downs against them. The offense went stagnant with him at the reigns just like we saw all 2nd half of last season. 

    While I don't completely disagree with this, there were a few wide open drops on 3rd downs that would have been big hitters. They reel those catches in, Kett would have been 21-25 with close to 200 yards (ended 19-25 w/ 152). And we likely have at least one more TD. I would take that for 1/2 a game of football. I feel for the kid.

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  2. I'm confused. A loss is never a good thing. Period.

    I understand you are hoping that Stony Brook turns out to be good, so that loss doesn't look so bad. But a win over Stony Brook, regardless of whether they end up with a good record, is better than a loss to Stony Brook, regardless of their ending record. That is everyone else's argument.

    As for last year. It wasn't the "good" loss that got the 6-5 team in, it was the "very bad" loss to a bad Idaho State that cost us way more. Not saying I agreed with that decision, just saying that loss was worth 2 losses in the committee's mind.

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