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  1. NORTH DAKOTA vs. UMD - FRIDAY Gameday

    This is what happens when you play your last four games against Western Michigan and Colorado College. No matter what, you end up playing down a level and then get blasted when you play a real team again.
  2. Amtrak to road games? Never again.

    We took the amtrack to Milwaukee for the Frozen Four once. Got there at 1:00 and everything went off without a hitch. By the sound of your experience and the 6.7 percent "on time" rating, I should have bought a lottery ticket. I would have been able to take my private jet there instead.

    Exactly... P.S. I get the joke..

    This post disposes of the issue. The rule doesn't say to use your common sense...it says you must clearly see it cross the line to be a goal on replay...in addition, they are to use the overhead camera only...on that view, you cannot meet the standard...I think it's the puck but I cannot be sure...therefore ....no goal.

    I didn't initially see it, but if you look at the replay, I think that might be the puck between the goalie's skate blades...there's a roundish black spot on the slow motion replay...then he moves his skates outward. When you see the puck coming back out and trace its line, it goes right to that spot. That might be what they are seeing...just my thoughts and I'm not saying I'm right...but that's what I see on the replay...they looked at it for 10 minutes so they must have seen something and finally concluded that it was the puck... In the meantime, CC is wiping up the ice with BC...go CC...
  6. Suite 49

    Normie sold the Fireside to the people that own, among other things, Zorbas. The Fireside always closes in the winter and opens around Mother's day. The problem with Suite 49 is that is was doomed from the start. They had a major identity crisis going, trying to be everything to everyone. The first time I went there (during the WJC's) you could see that people were there mostly to pay zero to park instead of $1,100 (it was later switched to $10 to park and get a $10 voucher to spend on beer - a really profitable strategy). I'm pretty sure (but I don't know for a fact) that the Brown's were trying to get that part of the Englestad complex kicked off and had hoped their investment would attract others to invest too. And that is what community builders do and I give them credit for trying. But, these guys apparently didn't think it through. People would get there at 5:00 and nurse a beer until fifteen minutes before game time and they leave and maybe have one after the game since there car was parked there and they had a free beer coming, etc. In a restaurant, you have to be hot (meaning you can't be someone else), you have to have a decent location and you have to turn tables. Bar food in an obscure location away from traffic (except for Sioux hockey traffic) turning one table per night four nights per month, six months a year is not going to pay for the totally upscale fixtures, etc. No way in hell. People in GF will drive downtown to Sanders and the Toasted Frog. They have upscale dining and are places people want to go to be seen out on the town. Switch to upscale dining (I question whether GF can have another but it's the only real alternative) and make it the primary reason to be there, eliminate hockey parking (thereby eliminating that as the primary reason to go there), and make it a place to be seen and it'll run. That's what Normie was able to do in Fargo at a failed, but expensive location. That won't satisfy the people who want to park for free and have a few beers before or after the game, but we've already seen that concept fail here and it won't keep it going. There are all kinds of other $2 beer joints where they can ride the fun bus.
  7. SIOUX vs UNH

    I agree with you here. VV can go early, but he'll be seeing the country from a charter bus just like Danny Erman and some other college stars that went a bit too early. And VV wasn't really a star on this team and actually underperformed relative to his prior season efforts. He may have ended up with better numbers, etc. but he isn't a markedly better hockey player than he was last year...He's not small so he won't benefit from the elimination of the WCHA clutch-and-grab style like Parise did (and No, I'm not trying to compare his ability to Z.Par's)...Upside-wise, he's not even close to where Towes was when Towes finished his freshman year and Towes came back. And for an even better comparison, he's nowhere near where Bochenski was at this point in his career and look at where Bo is??? (Where is Bo???)
  8. SIOUX vs UNH

    The only thing I wanted from Joe Finley was to play his position correctly when the game was on the line...
  9. SIOUX vs UNH

    Just wanted to add that expecting to win five faceoffs in a row is alot. In reality, winning 55 percent of them is considered pretty good. So the sioux win 4 out of five but lose the most critical. It's what happened after that that bothers me... where the hell was Joe Finley when the shot from the point was taken? Only Genoway was at the net...why did Joe pursue the puck to the side board with under five seconds to go? Why wasn't he in front of the net. Did he forget what he should do in this situation? Did Hakstal go over it with him? Hopefully these are viewed as constructive questions because there is really no excuse to leave only one guy in front of the net with a six on five with five seconds remaining. Nobody helped. Block a shot. Do something. They just stood there and watched Chay dive from one end of the net to the other...tie game...
  10. SIOUX vs UNH

    Nice finish guys...
  11. SIOUX vs UNH

    Sure, sure...but Finley could have played his position in front of the net instead of expecting Genoway to play both sides...let's see, under five seconds left - just be in front of the net...
  12. SIOUX vs UNH

    UND finally on...Duncan score...
  13. SIOUX vs UNH

    Let's have the interview and the awards ceremony too...c'mon you've already ruined the game...
  14. SIOUX vs UNH

    Why the f@@@ do they have to put the flood coverage on the sports channel. If I want to listen to Joel H second guess law enforcement all day, I'll turn it to KFGO...
  15. SIOUX vs UNH

    Right now it would take prozac...