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  1. And people here lack the self control required to simply ignore stupid comments? Don't you realize you're just giving this character what he wants? It's like he set a trap and you walked right into it.
  2. Still don't want to let me in on this inside joke of yours, eh? Whoever this DaveK character is, he must have really gotten seriously way deep inside some of your heads for people to be talking about him so much.
  3. Greatest American born player in the NHL. Maybe not all-time, but among active players. Maybe not as good as Patrick Kane at beating up cab drivers, but better at hockey.
  4. The series vs. Philly a long time ago is the aberration, but people just can't seem to let it go. Fleury has 62 career playoff wins, tied with Lundqvist for most among active goaltenders. Of those 62 victories, 10 of them were shutouts. The fact of the matter is this guy is an above and beyond amazing goaltender who can single handedly win games even when the team in front of him stinks. He is arguably THE best goalie in the world right now. Anybody who considers him to be nothing more than a backup is suffering from a severe lack of hockey knowledge. Still waiting for a list of goalies to win a playoff series when their team was outshot in literally every game.
  5. Let's stop living in the past. In 2017 Fleury led the Penguins to a series win over the President's Trophy winning Capitals in spite of being outshot in literally every game by an average of about 10 shots per game. That alone shows how great he is right now even if his productivity was less than that half a decade ago.
  6. Murray leaving Pittsburgh would be the best thing to happen to the Penguins franchise since the day they drafted Super Mario because, mark my words, Murray's career is going to follow the same path that Jim Carey's did for Washington back in the mid '90s. People get way too excited about things that are shiny and new, but they fail to comprehend that just because something is shiny and new doesn't mean it's going to be reliable in the long run. Yeah, Fleury gets paid more than Murray but guess what... you get what you pay for. If they want a goalie that can consistently win only when the team outshoots the opponents then by all means stick with Murray, but if they want a goalie that can frequently steal wins even when the team is outshot Fleury is clearly the better option. Time will tell what happens, but I fear MAF will be gone thanks to the man crush that Sullivan has on Murray. Of all the potential destinations for my favorite player I think Winnipeg is one that I could learn to live with. I'm not so sure how realistic their chances are of acquiring his services.
  7. The Wild outshot the Blues in Game 1, 2, 3, and 5. The shots in Game 4 were an even 28-28.,game_state=final,game_tab=stats So I now realize that I worded that wrong and you called me on it. Good job on the technicality. I meant to say the team was outshot in each and every game but instead phrased it as the team did not outshoot the opponent in any one game. My fault, I messed up. So let's go with what I said rather than what I meant. It's still going to be a short list and Murray won't be on it. You've got one, congratulations. Now keep going. Like I said, it's going to be a short list.
  8. Who led the Pens to victory over the President's Trophy winning Capitals in spite of being outshot in each and every one of the 7 games by an average of about 10 shots per game? Oh that's right it was the best goalie in the NHL, Fleury. Let's see that spoiled brat Murray win a series under that set of circumstances. You provide for me a list of goalies who have led their teams to a series win when when their team did not outshoot the opponent in any one game during the series. I promise you it'll be a short list and Murray will be nowhere to be found on it.
  9. The Pens outshot the Sens in all four games started by Murray. Shame on him for losing one of them. When he goes 9-6 over a span of 15 games in which the team is outshot in 13 of them... then I'll be impressed.
  10. My name isn't Dave and while I don't love the attention I will admit I find it rather amusing. A guilty pleasure if you will.
  11. But not a single post by that user name. What exactly am I missing? I have a feeling this is some inside joke and the thing that makes it funny is the fact that I'm not in on it. Whatever! Definitely some strange cats here on this forum, but it can't get much stranger than multiple people who hate the Pittsburgh Penguins but love Matt Murray.
  12. I'm really confused by all of this. I've been searching through threads on this forum trying to find a DaveK and so far nothing. Will somebody please explain to me who or what DaveK is?
  13. Who the hell is DaveK?
  14. It was definitely a blast, no doubt about it. However, that doesn't change the fact that Murray was out of position.
  15. I'm sorry, you lost me. You were saying since I left... where did I leave? And what do the Gophers have to do with this? I'm a fan of Penn State. Perhaps you've mistaken me for somebody else? I don't know, please help me connect the dots.