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  1. 2017 Softball

    The softball ladies will be traveling to Weber State to play in their first ever Big Sky conference championship! Love the determination they have. Best of luck and we will be cheering you on! Games can. E watched on the Big Sky network. The Lady Hawks take on Southern Utah Thursday!
  2. 2017 Softball

    Congratulations to the softball ladies for getting their first berth to the conference championships!
  3. 2017 Softball

    The top 6 teams advance
  4. 2017 Softball

    The team is sitting at 4th in conference standings right now. Outstanding job. Keep it up!
  5. 2017 Softball

    They just won two games today at Idaho State. Nice job. Get the sweep tomorrow!
  6. 2017 Softball

    I'm sure they have no intentions of relaxing. They were quite aware in the fall when their team was potentially on the chopping block. I wouldn't think any team would lay on their laurels considering all that has happened these last few months. Good advice for all teams.
  7. 2017 Softball

    Highly unlikely.
  8. 2017 Softball

    So where did this come from?
  9. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    As I understand the reason for s/d cut is after cutting WH, they needed to get title ix compliant while also cutting enough money to cover additional scholarships for the Summit League requirements. They also had to look at what other sport they could cut without cutting core sports for Big Sky which we are part of for another year. The only teams they could cut would have been softball and soccer. Cutting those two teams would have caused a title ix problem without cutting a men's sport. S/D I believe costs more than soccer and softball combined. Plus no one really knows what kind of conversations UND had with Summit. They may have expressed a desire for one sport over another? We will never know but I believe it came down to putting the most money back into the budget and staying compliant with tittle ix, and having to put money into the scholarships offered once we get to the Summit.
  10. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    Doubtful. I believe that's the reason they enlisted a law firm schooled in Title IX
  11. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    I don't think the consultants will talk. It will be Faison and Kennedy.
  12. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    So we are seeing all kinds of information on WIH, anyone see anything on swim/dive?
  13. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    Would the AD meet with all teams that were to be cut? I would assume that's his role.
  14. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    Any word on other sports?
  15. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    Why would the Herald have an article out there now if they haven't been told? That would be bad on the Herald wouldn't it?