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  1. UND Sports TV Options

    Just a quick question as a first year nchc tv subscriber. I have my laptop hooked up to my tv. I watched the bemidji game on demand sunday. It's runs smooth and picture looks great but noticed when the centre ice cam is zoomed out the picture looks like it's stuttering almost like the picture is skipping some frames. Is this normal or is this likely something to do with my computer. My internet download rate is around 50 Mbps
  2. UND Sports TV Options

    Does anyone know when Cbs sports normally announces their schedule? Just wanted to see how many und games won't be on nchc.tv. Do the games on cbs sports show up in the archive on nchc.tv later or is their no way to view them
  3. UND Sports TV Options

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the nchc subscription video quality? Is it hd quality and does it stream well. Living in Winnipeg this is likely the only way I can view UND hockey