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  1. I have listened to several games this year on IHeart, this was the first game I was able to watch on tv. (Thanks Faison)

    -Hrynkiw is a good college goalie

    -Stetcher is a stud

    -I predicted Gardner would be good for us and he will have a very solid 4 years 

    -Team plays with a lot more freedom and I think there is so much more flow with the new staff

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  2. 9 or 10 coming in doesn't have to mean 9 or 10 leaving.  There is no set number on the roster.

    You might be right but I remember a post a few years ago that said a Dean Blais or Hak team always has 15 forwards 8 defensman and 3 goalies. But now it is Brad Berry's team so we will have to wait and see.

  3. Coach Berry said 9 or 10 guys would be coming in during his press conference.

    Leaving: Nick Mattson / Connor Gaarder / Michael Parks / Mark MacMillan / Brendan O'Donnell / Andrew Panzarella / Stephane Pattyn / Zane McIntyre

    So that means Jordan Schmaltz would make 9 and if it got to 10 it would be ??????

    Incoming: Shane Gersich / Chris Wilkie / Brock Boeser / Hayden Shaw / Danys Chartrand / Christian Wolnian / Matej Tomek / Rhett Gardner / Joel Junatuinen / Michael Gornell

    I would be surprised if Gardner shows up next year after the force picked him unless Nick Schmaltz jumps ship.

    And I believe if Jost or Fabbro did want to come to and play at The Ralph this fall then some one on this list would either wait another year or get told to find a new school or go to major juniors.

  4. Who gets letters next year?

    I think Stecher has to get the C. All season long he's been playing at that battle level. Tonight's effort sealed the deal for me.

    I'll go Jewels, LaDue and Chyz with As. Just a guess. Gage and St. Clair could wear a letter, too.

    That a lot of guys capable of wearing a letter and more importantly having leadership moving forward. I like next years team a lot.

  5. I hope Stecher is back. He is a guy. Jordan Schmaltz is a non impact player, watching him for 3 years, it won't change next years outcome if he leaves early.

    I hope Zane is back.

    I just don't understand how Murphy can be a top 6 forward in the post season having never scored a goal. If MacMillan doesn't get hurt he is not even in the line up so how is he a top 6, that being said I would hope he is on the outside looking in next year because he doesn't perform when it matters. (I know oxbow would agree with me)

  6. I could see Stanford considering the addition of hockey. They have so many more sports thean most schools as it is and with the Sharks being in the area for over 20 years now there should be added interest. And it is a school that financially is pretty well off and should be able to add if they choose to.

  7. So if schmaltz is still out, Sanderson is a scratch and according to spa0360 Chyzyk is out this weekend. I am wondering what others think will happen this next weekend, will Wade Murphy be in the line up? Or does Poolman play up front again?

    I was not able to watch or listen to Saturdays game so I'm curious as to what all of you think this upcoming weekend.

  8. This is hockey, you won't win every game. No reason to overreact. They got beat.... But will have a great year, they are talented on the blue line, and in golie and Pattyn is a good captain and Caggula has become a guy with the puck.

    They miss Nick on the power play obviously. And Luke isn't ready to be a top 6 forward, he will be next year just like Caggula and Knight a few years ago. But the problem is no one else should be a top 6 in place of Johnson.

    My only complaint is Murphy should not be on the ice at this point. Let along be on the 2nd line, he is a flop of a recruit to this point. At least put a grinder out there who creates a presence like Trevor Olson.

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