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North Dakota Roughriders?

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I am hoping that someone with deep pockets puts something on those digital boards in town with a pic of pres Kelly and his wife and the two nicknames Fighting Hawks and Nodaks right below it...and quickly.

Why not you?!

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OK, time for a push for Roughriders, or else we are going to be stuck with a lame name like Nodaks or even worse...Fighting Hawks!!  Creative minds out there...need your help.  Lets get a generic Roughrider script logo out there that we can post all over social media to get the word out to vote for Roughriders as UND's new nickname.  NOt looking for a borrowed logo to sway voters like Fighting Hawks has done.  Looking for a generic script logo that someone can whip up that simply says "UND Roughtriders" or "University of North Dakota Roughriders".  I think it could go along way to sway some voters.  I know there are people out there more creative than I could ever be to do this. Let's see what you got!!  

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