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why the Sioux are .500 in last 8 games


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  1. 1. why the Sioux are .500 in last 8 games

    • the absense of D. Hale
    • quality opponents
    • nothing more than a mid-season slump they will correct
    • UND isn't as good their ranking most of the season
    • goaltending
    • youth
    • none of the above

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I'm not yet ready to call this a slump.

They hit the #1 team on the road. That is a fair recipe for a sweep, even if D Hale, possibly the MVP is not on the ice. One would have liked a better showing in the games, though.

That said, the loss against Tech was, IMO, a "character" loss. The team has played a lot of games this year, many against subpar competition. They have played some better teams after Christmas. Then they come home and whomp up on Tech on Friday night. Sat, they took it off. Shame on them.

If this weekend goes bad then I get concerned. Right now I'm interested in seeing how this team responds.

Therefore, I generally attribute this "streak" to the loss of David Hale. Not his fault, obviously. But I will agree with Blais when he says we split at CC if he's in the lineup. If so, we are talking about one loss at CC which no one would be critical of. And then one loss at home against Tech which can be considered a shameful anomaly.

That's my take.

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Since the first of the year we played CC four times, Minnesota twice, Alaska twice and Tech twice. So we finally played the top other two teams in the league and also got to play two of the lowest teams in the league. During that stretch we are 4-4-2.

We all knew things were going to get tougher with the majority of the games on the road in the second half. To tell you the truth I'd be very happy if we were still .500 after the next two weekends at Denver and Mankato. If we are then I think we've shown we deserve to be at the top of this league and are not only a contender but have a shot at the national title.

If we play anything like we did Saturday the next two weeks and get swept by Denver and Mankato we will have to really scramble to make sure we get home ice. So I'm hoping for a split this weekend and a split next weekend. Anything more than that I will be ecstatic.

Then we can take our chances against Duluth and Wisconsin.

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Well, the what if calculator has told me that CC needs to fall twice and UND needs to win out the season. IMHO, I think CC has a good chance of losing twice playing twice at SCSU and once at Denver (not to mention a series with Mankato). Question is... can the Sioux, with the sub-par goaltending, win it out?

The current streak has been from a number of things... but I think they will start a new one... hopefully lasting through the Frozen Four. ???

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In my opinion the biggest reason is the hole in the team left by Hale being out. He is very important to the team because of his ability and his leadership. The sooner he comes back the sooner UND starts winning the games it should. It isn't so much a slump as it is stronger competition that UND is going through right now. If Hale was playing, UND would have split the CC series and swept MT! Goaltending has been the major issue all year, if UND had more consistent goaltending they would be #1 and have only two or three loses,

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