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Vote for Hobey and picking a Sioux Player to Back

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After voting for Hobey today I see where CC fans have voted Seyna first and Preissing second. I think us Sioux fans need to pick a guy and make sure we consistently vote for that player for first. Right now people have almost voted for Spiewak in first as many times as they have voted for Parise. I like Spiewak too but he's not going to win the Hobey Baker.

I would recommend that us Sioux Fans pick Parise as our Number 1 guy. After that we can vote for Bochenski or Spiewak or anyone else you think deserves it. That way we aren't muddying the water with us all splitting votes amongst those 3 guys.


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Read how the selection process works.

The top selections from the fans will join the ballots from the Selection Committee (comprised of college hockey personnel, pro scouts and media) in determining the Hobey winner.

All of the fan votes in the FINAL round (this is round 2 of 3) of voting count for ONE vote amongst the "college hockey personnel, pro scouts and media."

I don't mean to be a downer here, but it's not like you are selecting the Hobey Baker winner directly. Some NHL scout is going to pull out his "NCAA top scorers" list and his "NHL CSB rankings" list and fill out his ballot without a second thought. (I hope not, but I'm pretty sure it'll happen.) Their vote equals all of the fans.

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