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Top 5 Rivals?

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I was reading a great thread on the POI board. The concensus there seems to be 1. Wisconsin 2. YOUR Fighting Sioux 3. SCSU 4. UMD, etc.

Anyway, I was wondering if we could do the same.

Here's my "over the years" top 5 for the Sioux!

1. Meenesoda. (always gotta hate the rodents!)

2. Wisconsin (although they seem to be slipping this year)

3. Denver (I live in Colorado...gotta pump myself up for this February!)

4. Colorado College (see above!)

5. SCSU....gotta hate their administration, arena AND the fans!


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My top 5

1. Wisconsin

2. Minnesota

3. Minnesota-Duluth

4. St. Cloud

5. Mankato

For me, Wisconsin is an easy choice. Nothing gets my blood flowing more than the Badgers coming to town. I think is has to do with the fact that I became a big hockey fan in the early Gino years and we all know what the Sioux-Badger rivalry was like then. Minnesota is a close second and Duluth a more distant third.

#4 and #5 are toss ups but I went with St. Cloud because we've had some great matchups recently and Mankato because there seems to be a little bad blood between the teams.

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1. Minnesota

2. CC

3. Wisconsin

4. Denver

5. St. Cloud

In the old days, Wisconsin would be #1 or 2, but their program has slipped. CC has become a power the last 10 years and they play like the Sioux and Gophers--more skating, less clutch and hold. Duluth used to be there also in the 70's and 80's, but they have slipped. Hopefully, Scott Sandelin will get them back to prominence. St. Cloud is getting easy to dislike, so they slip in ahead of Duluth.

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I hate considering Minnesota our biggest rival because the feeling is not mutual. It feeds into their arrogance. ;)

I'll place Wisconsin, St. Cloud, and Minnesota into the top tier of rivals, but I won't rank them. :0

second tier: Duluth, CC, and Denver

emerging: Mankato

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1. Wisconsin

2. Minnesota

3. CC

4. Michigan

5. Canisius


old WCHA rivals, trading titles in late 90s, competing for most NCAA championships, have played each other the last 3 years in pretty competitive games, Morrison: "Sometimes the best team doesn't win"


3 NC meetings in one year? Clearly this is our new enemy

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St Cloud


I concurr with lawkota regarding Wisconsin -- even though I was young(er) in the early 80's "they" were the first team I "hated"; and when I was old enough that was the first road trip I made. I've been known to give up the Minnesota tickets, but even when the Badgers haven't been too good I refuse to give up those tickets. Another aspect: when we went to Madison I thought we were going to be "killed" (we were sitting in the parents' section), it was BAD, then after the game one of the badger fans (who'd been very vocal at/to us) gave us coupons for free food. For me, that trip formed my opinion on how to be a WCHA fan: hostility during game time, after the buzzer sharing a beer, a sub and a laugh.

I would imagine Boston College would have to be in there somewhere too. Next year we'll be meeting them during the regular season play.

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1. Gophers (hate 'em so much I wouldn't cheer for them if they were playing Al Qaeda!)

2. St. Cloud (their fans get on my nerves; besides if the league says we are "natural rivals," who are we to argue?)

3. Mankato (also think they are emerging as a spoiler)

4. Wisconsin (the 80s were forever ago but we still don't need no stinkin' Badgers)

5. Duluth (Sandy, come home! All is forgiven)

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Minnesota (Hate em, losing 6/7 was painful last season)

SCCC (cant stand losing to them, Dahl is a joke)

Wisconsin (Couldn't fight way out of paper bag right now, but better dead than red)

MSU-Mankato (Talk a lot of smack, but has turned into a heated rivalry, no more talk about them being a cup cake)

C.C. (Clean exciting games against them)





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1) Minnesota (With all the twin cities kids going to school at UND, you have roommates rooting for different teams. changes the whole atmosphere)

2) SCSU (This has really been building the past few years, if SCSU continue to have a good team, this will continue, but if they have a few bad years, the rivalry could drop off)

3) Wisconson (Even though we have not played them a ton in the past few years, and they have sucked even longer, there is too much history to ignore)

4 & 5)Duluth/Mankato (Duluth has struggled for quite so time, but if the team improves and under Sandy it will, these games will return to the glory days/Mankato always seems to be a chippy game, this could start a nicce little rivalery. If they actually become a decent hockey team it may get even better)

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1. Minnesota: I base this on my reaction when Minnesota plays Wisconsin. For some inexplicable reason I root for the Badgers or anyone else that plays the Gophers.

2. Wisconsin: I love their fans when I don't have to be in their arena. They are Stepford fans. They can be talking to you very nicely, the band strikes up, and they turn like zombies and begin chanting stuff. Scary.

That's it. There are no other teams I would consider our rivals. Sure it's nice to beat St. Cloud, Mankato, CC etc. but they aren't really rivals. They are simply WCHA opponents.

The non-confreence team I love to beat is Boston College. Their fans are arrogant and act like they deserve to win even if the Sioux put forth a better effort and are the better team. Gees they remind me of the Gopher fans.

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