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The guy that has seemed to fallen off the map is Fylling. He still looks like he has the speed but not the strength to go into the corners.

Blais had him on a couple of different lines and I thought he had a good series. I liked him on the first line but I suppose Noterman playing so good he seems to be a lock for the First line right now...

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The guy that has seemed to fallen off the map is Fylling. He still looks like he has the speed but not the strength to go into the corners. I think he was on the 4th line on Saturday. From 1st to 4th is a major drop. I expect that he will improve and move up again.

A thought on this topic. Maybe Fylling isn't on the 4th line because he is rated 9-12 on the chart, but maybe to help jump start that line.

Motormann is killing right now, so he deserves a spot with Parise and Bo to really make the line click.

Massen Lundbohm and Spiewak don't really need to be adjusted.

Prpich, Hale and McMahon are sound.

So you put a guy like Fylling on the 4th line, someone with speed and some skill with Genoway and Canady. Maybe this helps create some chances and gives Genoway a more skilled player to help get him started. Also, being they are the "4th" line they might get some match-up advantages playing against another team's 4th line.

Just a thought.

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dagies, I thought Prpich had a fantastic weekend against Wisco as well. Very active, strong checker, even created some scoring chances. He works very hard and is becoming one of my favorites.

Prpich is starting to get some opportunities and I think he is going to start scoring and factoring in on the stat sheet. Prpich is also a great checker.

On the lines issue it seemed that Blaiser was playing the match ups game this past weekend and he tried a few different combinations. I think CB is just trying to get more offense. Lines with CB change from minute to minute. Fyling had a few opportunities this past weekend but just didn't finish the deal. I think the luck is going to change.

Noterman said in the post game program that he expects shooting drills in this weeks practice.

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I agree with the majority of the thoughts on Fylling and Prpich. I think Prpich had a great weekend against Wisconsin. He checks well and plays his position well. He had a couple of breaks that showed he needs to work on his foot speed but overall he was a top contributor.

I hadn't thought about trying to jump start another line with Fylling. I just hope that he continues to develop because I think he has great potential but needs to improve his strength.

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