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They showed the water bottle fight on the jumbotron? That would be worth the trip right there....darn.

Count me as one who is getting worried about scoring. Creating chances to this hockey novice is one thing. Finishing is another. It seems to me that a team that busts their butt and outworks another team can create opportunities, but it takes skill to put the biscuit in the basket.

People with more experience might know better than me, but for now I am starting to get worried. 3 games at home we've dealt with this..........

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I wouldn't be too worried. Blais, in his game comments, used the words "puck luck" to describe what has happened to the Sioux in the last few games. If Deano thinks it is nothing to worry about, why should we?

UND is creating lots of scoring chances. That is good. They may not be finishing all of them right now, but the goals will come. The important thing is that they continue to dominate teams in terms of puck posession & shots on goal. And, of course, W's!.

10-1-0. What, me worry?

Shots tonight: 29-22? "Quietly" lobsided, is how I would describe this game.

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Reiter (UAA) pretty much stood on his head for 2 games -- and earned defensive player of week and Bruckler (UW an NHL draft pick made some great saves). I love sitting behind the goal even if I am a puck magnet :angry:

While I think they do need better finishing at times, I don't think we should be worried yet.

The water bottle fight on the jumbo tron was great, I had heard about it but never seen it before. Got the crowd into things before introductions.

Liked the line combos last night as well, but knowing Blais I'll probably never see the same combos again ???

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Great job of multi-tasking PCM-- both the photo and the recap.

Thanks! I couldn't have done it without your faithful SiouxSports.com moderator GDM watching my back and taking notes for me while I shot pictures. xyxthumbs.gif

Of course, it also helps to have Zach Parise and Bernd Buckler explain what happened on the Sioux goal that I didn't see. specs.gif

After nearly two seasons of no hockey photography, shooting in the Ralph for the first time and using a digital camera for the first time, I was a bit rusty. I'll get better with practice.

By the way, for some reason, the game recap link goes to the USCHO ECAC page. Try this one. There's a link to the UW-UND game on USCHO's front page.

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Since I have to miss tonight's game I have to give props to Katie O'Keefe - thank you for interviewing James Archibald last night, I was honestly quite upset that I could not be at the official "ceremony" tonight. Here's a guy who spent only 4 years in ND almost 20 years ago and it was evident that to him those were special years. I felt 20 years younger last night seeing JA out there - man, where does the time go ....... "for old times sake" we (significant other and I) should have driven the electric blue El Camino, gone to Burger King after the game (20 years ago after hockey games: 3 burgers for a buck, one each and split one), and listened to Foreigner's TAPE "Records" ...... ah, the good old days of Canadian Goon Hockey .... :angry:

PCM and GDM - looking forward to the article and pictures from tonight's game - keep up the good work!

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Looking at UND's recent scores has me asking: Who are they, Michigan State? Having seen UND play UAA, I can say that I was impressed with the chances generated. However, the pragmatist in me has to admit that if they don't start finishing soon, we may have a bit of a problem here. In Bochenski, Massen and Parise, I believe the Sioux will have three top-notch finishers. Unfortunately, they're not getting most of the chances now and aren't finishing the ones they do get. Fylling and Notermann have worked their butts off to get great chances, but just haven't been able to get the puck in the net - they could each have had two goals per game in the UAA games, and it sounded like Notes had his chances again last night.

Genoway sounded active last night. I assume Canady will play tonight; I wonder who will sit. I'd like to see something like a 6-2 win tonight.

As for the MSU comparison, the Sioux aren't playing anything like that ugly trap. The pressure is there, just not the results. The good news is that, despite scoring just 13 goals in 5 league games, UND is 4-1. After last year, we should all be able to appreciate the value in gathering points, even if the wins haven't been perfect.

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I was going to ask the same thing jk with regard to the recent drought in scoring. It seems like we're getting good opportunities, but are just missing the mark. Running into a couple of strong goaltenders recently doesn't help. :angry:

I think that if the boys keep grinding and make their plays, the points will follow. Generally, I'm pretty pleased by the team's overall effort and cohesion compared to last season. I'd love to see more offensive production, but I'll take 2 pts anyway we can. ???

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Last night game was great but I though it was going to be on Direct tv. My question is as follows & if anybody knows please be kind enough to post it please. Is tonight's game going to be on Direct tv? Thank you.

My understanding is that the only network DirectTV carries that ever shows Sioux games is Fox Sports North. So that would probably only be the Gopher series and possibly WCHA tournament.

The Badger series isn't even being shown in Madison, so isn't likely being produced for any wide distribution.

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Boys got a sweep like they should have, so that is positive.

Also GREAT to see Speedwak, Motormann, and Massen scoring tonite.

NOT great to win a game 3-2 when you outshoot them 44-13. And they get their 2 goals in the 3rd period that you are supposed to win. Argh.

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Blais calls Notermann "the guy with no brakes". Thinks he's on his way to a 20 goal season but doesn't want to jinx him. :angry:

Blais seemed happy with the game effort tonite.

Tim and CB talked about the fans getting into the game more now, and CB said the better ice has helped the team, along with the team playing better, and that makes it better for the fans to watch.

Blais said that after Brandt gave up the first goal both Hales went out and told him to bear down, it was no big deal. CB said the second goal was a lucky bounce.

Notermann said Jake played a great weekend. Said his line needs to bury their chances. Blamed the 2 WI goals on sloppy play by the Sioux. Thinks there will be shooting drills in practice this week.

Jason is saying that the REA is feeling a lot more comfortable this year, last year just wasn't quite like "home".

Andy Schneider said that "100%"of the guys on the team came to UND because of how great the fans are.

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Nice effort by the boys. It's always sweet to beat/sweep Bucky, even a weaker team in transition.

It's nice to be getting so many SOG, but we've got to start burying the biscuit. I hope shooting drills are a big component of this week's practices. I'm glad the team has matured where they can handle a third-period comeback and not wilt, unlike last season. I'm also pleased by the leadership shown by Spiewak and the Hale brothers, it's a nice change from last year as well. Sounds like Brandt is starting to get more comfortable in his role by keeping it simple and focused.

I think the team will only improve over the season, since they're going to need everything they can muster on their many road trips in the second half of the season.

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I agree, Scott, that the Sioux need to start burying some of their opportunities. But the opposing goalies the last four games have played unbelievably well.

For example, last night after the Badgers came back to make it 3-2, Fylling and another player (Canady?) had a 2-on-1 rush. They played the give-and-go perfectly, yet Kabotoff made an amazing save that kept Wisconsin within 1. What can you do?

I think seniors Jason Notermann and Chris Leinweber deserve a share of the credit for North Dakota's turnaround. Although Notermann doesn't wear a letter, I know that he's a leader on and off the ice. He's certainly elevated his level of play, too.

Leinweber has really impressed me with his smart play. You can tell that he's an experienced senior. And even though he's the smallest D-man on the team, he's not afraid to get physical when he has to. He has to be considered one of the pleasant surprises of the season thus far.

I've been hard on the Sioux goalies, so I should give kudos to Jake Brandt, too. Even though the Badgers got two past him Saturday, he didn't let in any goals that he shouldn't have. Let's hope this is a trend.

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I agree with Notes and Leinweber, Pat. Notermann has always played hard and worked to win, so I'm glad he's acting like a leader even without the letter. Especially taking somebody like Matt Greene away from Don Adam's lecture. ???

It sounds like Leinweber is playing much better than last season. Honestly, he was one of my preseason "bubble boys" due to last season and his relatively small size. However, I'm glad he's proving me wrong. :angry:

I think if the team keeps going for the net and taking their shots, they'll eventually start getting the points too.

I think the goaltending is being helped by a solid blueline, so it helps Brandt and Siembida do their jobs and gain some much-needed confidence. Both are younger goalies, but I think they have some strong upsides.

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Here is the line on Brandt for the season, you can see his numbers are really picking up and he is turning into a decent goalie.

30 Jake Brandt

Saves 98 Shots 109 .899 1.85 6- 0- 0

Saves 61 Shots 65 .938 1.22 3- 0- 0

Not bad numbers at all A save percentage of .938 in Conference games. Not too shaby at all...

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I was just talking on Saturday about how Leinweber has improved so much this year. He must have really worked on his strength this summer. In the past he was usually getting muscled off the puck. This year he can hold his own and has played enough where he hasn't made any really dumb plays. He's been a pleasant surprise.

The guy that has seemed to fallen off the map is Fylling. He still looks like he has the speed but not the strength to go into the corners. I think he was on the 4th line on Saturday. From 1st to 4th is a major drop. I expect that he will improve and move up again.

Does anyone else think that Cannady and Genoway are starting to lok like clones when they are on the ice?

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