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GDT Friday - Minnesota vs NoDak at The Ralph - 2 storied programs that helped put college hockey on the map.


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1 minute ago, siouxweet said:

No chance in hell this team gets a 1 seed.  Will be lucky to get a 3 when  it is all said snd done.

I agree that they probably won't get a #1 seed.
But their play to this point had them at a #1 seed until tonight's result.
So who knows how this will end up, it's a long season.  They just need to play more consistently.

Sanderson still sick a bit?  Didn't notice him nearly as much as his last few games before his sickness.

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4 minutes ago, SiouxFanatic said:

That just confirms what everyone here already knew: you are a fair weather b****. You never post here to say good things but always around when things aren’t going UND’s way.

There have been plenty of games and if you can’t remember, goes to show how much of a fan you really are. 

Whatever bud 

check basketball threads


fotball threads


youbhinestly like that performance go 

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Just now, cberkas said:




I was at all of those games.  The 12/1/01 game was the moment when I realized for sure that it was a "rebuilding" year.
Getting blown out 6-0 by Mankato to have them complete the sweep when they outscored UND 12-4 during the series.

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I don’t have much confidence in Driscoll so far but to be fair the defense has struggled.
There is little to no chance of winning a natty when a goalie has a sub .900 save percentage.   Need to start showing improvement fairly soon.  I think what bothers me the most is that he flops around quite a bit and seem out of position a lot.  Again, with an improvement on defense maybe this goes away. 
As Duluth has shown, you do not need to be a top team during the regular season you just need to make the tourney.  Once in the tourney you do need sound defense and a shutdown goalie.  If you have that you can string together four wins even if you aren’t the best team.  
Goals against average and save percentage will tell the tale of this season.  Keep the goals allowed to two or less and I like our chances.  Continue giving up over 2.5 goals per game and we have little hope for #9. 

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