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50 minutes ago, ND_Texan said:

I was at the Gopher game at the old Ralph when Robby Bina scored from 185 feet. As I recall he lifted one to clear and it landed in front of the goalie and bounced over his shoulder. Am I right?

Didn’t that happen at Minny?

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On 11/22/2021 at 2:05 PM, tnt said:

Exactly.  It is hard to judge who needs this series more.  If we would lose three to Big Ten teams it could really damage our pairwise.  Minnesota sure could use wins against the NCHC as well.  Bottom line for UND is to learn from their losses to Penn State and Duluth, and stay out of the box.  I believe Minnesota mustered the split with Penn State by converting on a 5 on 3.  UND has to treat this series as critical to their NCAA tourney hopes.  I don't want to be talking after Friday night that UND needs to learn another lesson as to staying out of the box.   

A team that is not supremely talented seems to have a hard time realizing how they have to play game in and game out in order to be successful.  That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.  You can’t count on always coming out with a split after a less than inspiring game.  Sometimes you run into a hot goalie, bad officiating and bad bounces, or a combination thereof. They certainly can’t afford to learn that lesson tomorrow.  Let’s hope that isn’t the case, and they can move past the Friday blues.  

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