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14 hours ago, Godsmack said:

Does anyone have memories of a Sioux/Gopher series at the old Ralph circa, late 70’s/early 80’s where, during warmups, every time the Gopher goalie got scored on, the student section would cheer loudly and then whenever he made a save, they’d boo loudly and heckle him. Eventually, it came to a head because the goalie charged and jumped the glass into the student section and all hell broke lose.

I was a little kid so my recollection of the specifics is fuzzy but I do remember witnessing this incident from my parents’ seats in section Q17. I’d love hearing from anyone who recalls this incident! 



I have only vague recollections of that incident, but Paul Butters, from Rochester, was a goalie for them in the 79-82 timeframe.  One of our Farce members was a young woman from Rochester.   With the low plexiglass in those days, she could stand in the front row and speak directly without any barrier in between them.  Anyway, she described things some guys had done with his sister (naming names), which got him pretty steamed.  But what got him over the top?  When she continued on with well-founded rumors of things other guys had done with his mom (again, naming names and also locations).   One of the best examples of living rent-free in an opponents head I heard.  She was amazing. 

PS he earned a new nickname for Saturday’s game “whiplash Butters”.  He hated that too. :lol:

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13 hours ago, burd said:

A classmate of mine froze a badger flattened out in spread eagle position and duck taped it to his back under his winter parka.  Got in but got caught throwing it.  

I remember that one. Wasn’t it like Halloween and he threw it right a the beginning of the national anthem.

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1 hour ago, farce poobah said:

I am one with the Farce, and the Farce is with me.

If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can imagine.

Literally, perhaps not, but the spirit lives on.

Where did you get those hard hats with the red lights on top? 

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15 hours ago, Tbone said:

Forgoing $100+ tickets isn’t necessarily being cheap.

Both UofM and UND sacrifice their best fans, the students, to maximize the profit of this series.

Don’t know, but I could easily guess that next years series of the Sioux in the John will be Thanksgiving weekend also.

I guess if I would look up the gopher football schedule for next year we could also figure out if the game will be Thursday/Friday like in 2019.


Edit: MN football at Camp Randall on Saturday, Nov 26. 

After the infuriating losses to Illinois/Iowa a few of us sold our Badger tickets for this weekend so the ticket prices for hockey seemed very cheap compared to what the football tickets sold for.


That said with the football game being at 3 it's going to be tight trying to watch as much of the game as possible and get to the Ralph... would love ideas on places to go @ 3 that would be likely to have the Gopher/Badger game with sound on. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

As for hockey, I'll go UND 5-2 Friday, Minnesota 4-3 Saturday. 3 weeks in a row it has been a Friday loss and Saturday win. I'll throw Minnesota's odds of finally putting together a good Friday at 2%.

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Coverage of the two-game set from Grand Forks begins at 6:45 p.m. on Midco Sports on Friday, November 26, and continues Saturday, November 27, at 5:45 p.m. Both games can be seen on Midco Sports channel 32 in SD and channel 622 in HD. The games can be seen in the Twin Cities area on Comcast channel 999 and Mediacom channel MC22.

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16 minutes ago, ND_Texan said:

I was at the Gopher game at the old Ralph when Robby Bina scored from 185 feet. As I recall he lifted one to clear and it landed in front of the goalie and bounced over his shoulder. Am I right?

Here you go...


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