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Drake@UND 4pm Potato Bowl USA

F'n Hawks

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This game was a blowout. Not by score maybe, but we dominated in every aspect of the game……EXCEPT turnovers. We don’t turn it over , the score is well into the 50’s. They haven’t completed a 3rd down and I think they have fine 3 and out every time we turned it over. Need better ball security obviously. But we still dominated everywhere else. 

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On 9/17/2021 at 9:22 AM, Hambone said:

For this game I hope:

  • We see a lot of Quincy Vaughn, Isaiah Smith, Jack Wright, Ty Burian, Jacob Odom, Sammy Fort, Richard Agyekum, Matt Koshiol, Quin Urwiler, Wyatt Pedigo, Kason Kelley, Craig Orlando, etc
  • We get a few series for Trey Feeney, Elijah Klein, Gavin Ziebarth, maybe the Walthall twins, second string OL, etc
  • No injuries

I'm sure I'm missing a few people up above, but would love to get a lot of reps to some folks that don't typically get them.  After this WIU may be the only other option of them getting these valuable game reps as I expect most other games to be fairly close.

Got most of the above.  Loved Smith and Wright today.  Was impressed with the young LBs at the end.  Nice for Koshiol to get a pick at the end.  

overall need to really clean a lot up.  But have a bye week before the bison come rumbling in……

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Not feeling too confident against the Bison. It would be different if we had a bye week and they didn’t, but both teams are gonna be ready to hit somebody, and I don’t know if we have enough stuff to win that fight.  Hope the boys prove me wrong in a big way. 

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