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Utah State Sept. 10 8 pm

Mama Sue

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They have too many weapons in a wide open offense.  We have had no pressure on the quarterback and he is just picking us apart.  On offense, we have to be willing to look more than 5 yards downfield.  3rd and 13 and 3rd and 15 and we throw to 3 and 4 yard routes.  Need to at least try to get a 1st down.  They are locking down the line of scrimmage because they know we won’t look deep - ever.

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Just now, Dustin said:

I never expected to win this game…..until the 1st quarter. So now I’m disappointed we’re losing. But really, should I be?

The fact that we don’t have any expectation against a team that was 1-5 last year is telling.  Yes, they remade their lineup, but our experience should account for something.


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