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2021 NCAA championship game


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5 minutes ago, bcblues said:

It is baseball season!


1 minute ago, fightingsioux4life said:

You mean the World's Best Insomnia Cure, don't you? :p

No, the world's best beer drinking sport!  ;)

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I was curious how often the NC$$ champion won their regular season conference title.  Going back to 2000 only 7 teams have won their conference and gone on to win the national title. 

2021  2  UMass

2019  2  Duluth 

2018  3  Duluth 

2017  1   Denver 

2016  1   North Dakota 

2015  2   Providence

2014  1   Union

2013  3  Yale

2012  1   BC

2011  4   Duluth

2010  2   BC

2009  1   BU

2008  4  BC

2007  4  Michigan State

2006  T2 Wisconsin 

2005  T1 Denver 

2004  4  Denver

2003  T2 Minnesota 

2002  3  Minnesota 

2001   1  BC

2000  2  North Dakota 

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Rough game for the Husky, which is really all that was-  one rough game.  Doesn't change that they were a great team.  Many things went wrong for St Cloud (uncharacteristically bad D positioning, inability to get to net- only 6 SOG midway into 2nd??), and went right for UMass (very opportunistic, great D zone play).  Plus, after watching UMass dominate UMD in OT of the semi-final game, we knew they were going to be tough.  This was their year, and the result of years of prep work for that program.  Nicely done!

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1 minute ago, SiouxFan100 said:

If st clouds early first period shot off the pipe goes in does it change the outcome?

I think the two players running into each other and the offsides not getting called threw St. Cloud off their game. The players not hit each other and the offsides gets called it would have been 0-0 going into the second. The first period was controlled by St. Cloud.

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