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UND versus NDSU - 1st DIV I Conference Game 2020 Rona moved to 2021 @ Manure Pit - RIVALRY?

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Just now, Sioux>Bison said:

So your season is resurrected by beating UND, sounds like a rivalry.......

good luck against SDSU...

Who said anything about resurrecting the season? I'm pretty sure ndsu ain't winning anything this year. But pissing on und is fun

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3 minutes ago, Cratter said:

No one is blaming the loss on the refs. 

But only a fool wouldn't see how key plays when the refs put away a whistle can change the outcome of momentum. Which could easily influence a game from the onset.

There is plenty blaming the refs....if you want to complain about holding on the edge runs, I agree, but when they line up and just straight run it up the a and b gaps....thats on und

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2 minutes ago, Sioux90 said:

I'm not trying to hurt any feelings here, but is our coaching staff capable of building this program? I mean does UND not have the funds to hire a coaching staff that has actually done something at high level?

Coaching isn’t the issue, it’s even better than the other side of the ball. We just have some final holes we need to plug, bigger D linemen and this game goes in a different direction. Honestly as simple as that

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1 minute ago, Siouxphan27 said:

I haven't logged in for a year but i see you're the same pathetic loser you've always been.  Good to know.    

Not sure why Mods allow this guy to cock off all day in our game thread.  If we were all in the same room, bet he wouldn't be talking. 

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Is this a UND hockey thread.  I mean the overreaction is so unbelievable.  We probably weren’t as good as some were making us out to be, and not as bad as we have been today.



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