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UND versus NDSU - 1st DIV I Conference Game 2020 Rona moved to 2021 @ Manure Pit - RIVALRY?

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Thats an odd take since every one of your posts makes you look like a dick.   I am kind of shocked they have not banned you yet.

Make no mistake, this is their super bowl 

If you thought this team would be 4-1 at this point raise your hand.......

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It seems on almost every run we are getting spun around by a hold. I don’t like complaining about the officials but this seems pretty ridiculous......and that fake punt no call - WOOF.

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1 minute ago, 1972 said:

Blaming anything on the refs when they are running the ball down your throat is weak....be better

No one is blaming the loss on the refs. 

But only a fool wouldn't see how key plays when the refs put away a whistle can change the outcome of momentum. Which could easily influence a game from the onset.

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1 minute ago, UNDBIZ said:

Didn't own the third. Hopefully they learn to play a full game. May have needed a humbling today and they got it. 

Really, we need to be humbled but haven’t won anything, and the Bison have won everything for a decade and they don’t let up.   This was an opportunity to turn the tide in recruiting and confidence, and UND doesn’t appear to have an answer.  Hopefully we get another shot this year to do that.



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2 minutes ago, JohnboyND7 said:

Ndsu is clowning und in the trenches and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

As they say in soccer, "form is temporary, class is permanent."

So your season is resurrected by beating UND, sounds like a rivalry.......

good luck against SDSU...

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Just now, Kab said:

Laugh when they say the fabulous Fargo dome

its a dump 

When your team plays in the Alerus, I'm not sure you are in a position to take a shot at the dome lol.

At the very least, in the fourth quarter of the game you are taking a shot at the dome rather than the Bison is pretty telling as to how the game is going lol

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1 minute ago, Siouxphan27 said:

Well at least it's only an asterisk game.

Wait until this fall....when they get their QB transfer and FBS RB transfer.  It will be a repeat next fall.  

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I'm not trying to hurt any feelings here, but is our coaching staff capable of building this program? I mean does UND not have the funds to hire a coaching staff that has actually done something at high level?

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