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Post pod series #5-Denver......for the 5th....and 6th time.......

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Gotta say good job on the ref for seeing that the puck was loose and never covered. 

Ya gotta like it when you don't have your "A" game nearly all weekend and sweep Denver. 

Brad Elliott Schlossman   @SchlossmanGF

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Scheel was outstanding. Hope he is alright after the dirty slew foot from the Denver player.

The Hain penalties were an absolute joke. I'm fine with giving him a 2 on the first one but a 5 is ridiculous. Then on the 2nd one Gavin does his best to avoid contact and would've with out he push from Meindel so we reward Denver with a 2 minute PP for pushing a player into their goalie.

Definitely a little bit of rust at times in areas but did a really solid job of kinda grinding out a win.

Weatherby, Pinto, and Caulfield have really been coming on and taking their games up a level lately.

Finish the job tomorrow night!

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10 minutes ago, BusinessSiouxt said:

Good, I hate that stuff. Happening way to frequently and is starting to appear approved by Barry.

Dude seriously just stop, You drive the net then you get pushed. The Denver guy pushed Hains legs into the goalie the last time

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1 minute ago, cberkas said:

Wouldn't be surprised in Hain gets a game suspension for tomorrow.

Based on the actual plays I'd be absolutely shocked. He was making a hockey play on both of them and the second one never happens if not for the Denver defenseman. But based on the NCHC decision makers it could definitely happen because who knows how they make decisions.

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2 minutes ago, brianvf said:

I'm glad the refs got the penalty called then, even if after the fact.
Now we just have to hope that Scheel is ok.

Seemed like it took Berry talking to them to even review it. Seriously these refs. :glare:

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6 minutes ago, brianvf said:

Where exactly is the "push"?  I'm either blind or my green colored glasses are way too green.  :)

He is trolling.  Guy who runs a college hockey website is trolling....

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8 minutes ago, R_Schneider_4 said:

He’s making fun of UND fans for the uproar of Hain being pushed into Chrona. 

Yep. Definite trolling. Does he still have a website? Use to always bait UND fans into posting angry responses.

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