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Post pod series #1: I guess we are playing CC.

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Link: https://youtu.be/of8Bk6LxmdM Hopefully, it works...  

If I get home on time, I'll give it a go. I will have to shake the rust off though as I haven't done a stream since last hockey season.

Is amazon google and apple shutting this down too?

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It's a sweep, but certainly not a very good effort for 6 periods. 

You would think a team that has been off for so long would have played with more jump, but maybe the altitude is really a factor.

UND is not well suited for the big ice. Can't be aggressive in the corners. Can't activate the D much.

The last two or so minutes was not very good game management.

The power play should have just played keep away in the final minutes, but it seemed like they were ill prepared for what they should do. 

Coaches should have been more clear on what they needed to enable CC to get some chances.

Gaber ices the puck with no pressure on him. Pinto ices the puck with no pressure on him.

Adams was the best player on the ice.

Lots of guys just looked sluggish. Lots of little turnovers and reckless play at times along the blue line.

It seems odd to be somewhat disappointed in a sweep, but this team is better than this.

On to the next opponent -- whomever that will be

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7 minutes ago, Sioux90 said:

6 points, but this won't cut it against better teams. 

Ain’t that the truth. I have a feeling we will play up to the competition. No disrespect to CC but UND should have buried them. 

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Just now, Wilbur said:

Performance left a bit to be desired.  Now I guess we wait to see if Denver has Covid issues.

Do they stay in Colorado or come back home?

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Frightfully bad game.  Passing was brutal.  Not sure on the state of the ice but they need to be a lot better in that area.   Missed a simply pass in the last 30 seconds for what would have been an empty netter, instead they ice it.  Mismatch taking a stupid penalty behind the offensive goal line late in a one goal game can’t happen.  Play that way against a good team and you lose by multiple goals.

We’re at the halfway point of the regular season.  Tons of room for improvement.  Hope to see a large jump up in play next weekend against Denver.  Now is the time to start building for the playoffs.  

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